This Q&A summery is a ‘living document’ that will be updated as we progress with the integration of ADB SAFEGATE.

What will be the new company’s Vision and Mission?


Our vision is to enable airports to operate more safely, efficiently and sustainably.


Our mission is to provide our customers with superior airport performance from approach to departure.

Who will lead the new company?

The ADB Safegate leadership team has been constituted.

The Executive Committee has been established with:

Christian Onselaere, CEO

Sebastien Dreyer, CFO

Per-Olof Hammarlund, head of Sales & Marketing

Steve Rutland, head of Delivery & Supply Chain

Bernard Geldof, head of R&D

Ola Håkansson, CTO

Peter Torehall, head of Mergers & Acquisitions and Quality Management

Joe Pokoj, head of Americas

What is the name of the new company?

The new brand name of the combined group is ADB Safegate. We will gradually change all references to both companies to ADB Safegate.

What are the ambitions of the combined group?

ADB Safegate is aiming high:

  • To become the partner of choice for airports and airlines in point-to-point guidance solutions.
  • To become truly global: use existing strong footholds, to develop significantly in high-growth regions.
  • To provide substantial growth synergies in cross-selling of solutions.
  • The combined portfolio will create a more comprehensive range of solutions and superior service for customers.
  • The combined ADB Safegate offering will be significantly broader, optimized and tailor-made with innovation at its core.
  • Our combined resources will offer cutting-edge, integrated solutions that will improve efficiency and reduce costs at airports worldwide.




How many employees does ADB Safegate currently have?

The ADB Safegate Group counts over 900 people around the globe. Active in Sales, Marketing, R&D, Engineering, Project Management, Production, Services, Finance, Administration and so much more.

How many customers does ADB Safegate have?

ADB Safegate has delivered integrated solutions in more than 2,000 airports in 175 countries. There will be many benefits for our customers as we simplify and globalize our overall approach, ordering, customer care, servicing and so much more. Of course, all arrangements are subject to separate contractual negotiations with each customer.

Customers will benefit from our wider product portfolio and our vision to help airports expand their operations to serve the growth in passenger numbers. Customers will also benefit from a stronger services portfolio and will have access to more than 900 dedicated and highly skilled employees who are all passionate about the airport and aviation industry.


How will combining the companies affect its customers?

ADB Safegate will continue to offer customers from both groups the best-value airside solutions from a portfolio that we will be able to make significantly broader, optimized and tailor-made, with innovation at its core. Our combined resources will offer cutting-edge, integrated solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs at airports worldwide as they evolve to smarter airfields.