At ADB SAFEGATE, we are passionate about quality in everything we do, and we care about our customers and colleagues - helping them reach their vision and achieve their goals


At ADB SAFEGATE, our company culture is defined by the values that guide our actions and behaviour and how we interact with our colleagues, partners, customers, investors and society. Our culture and values set us apart from our competitors, and are integral to our success. 

ADB SAFEGATE engages closely with its stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers and the communities it operates in, to work on initiatives that have a positive social and environmental impact. Visit our corporate social responsibility page to learn more about how we care for the environment and comply with regulations while striving for excellence as we innovate to make air travel safe.

1,200+ Employees
25 Offices
45 Nationalities

What’s it like to work at ADB SAFEGATE? 

ADB SAFEGATE has more than 1,200 employees from over 45 nationalities in more than 25 countries. We operate in over 175 countries, serving more than 2,500 airports worldwide. We’re always looking for talented people with a passion for technology who appreciate the value of innovation and share our vision of delivering excellence in airport safety and efficiency. Our employees are motivated team players, committed to helping airports run more efficiently while enhancing the safety of public travel. Would you like to work at ADB SAFEGATE? 


"Working for ADB SAFEGATE is challenging, demanding and dynamic: just the way I like it! It really drives you to accomplish your goals, and allows you to work with great people from all over the world. The best thing about working here is knowing you’re not only making a difference for your customer, but also making it better and easier for passengers to get where they’re going.”

Pablo Veiga Torres, Sales Director Latin America and Caribbean, Miami, USA

I first came in contact with ADB SAFEGATE six years ago as a temporary worker. I remember being so impressed by the company’s great employee retention and how happy and dedicated everybody still was even after so many years with the company. Fast forward to today, I have now been an ADB SAFEGATE employee for five years. I have worked in the USA airfield ground lighting market, and I’m currently the Bilingual Contract Administrator for the Canadian AGL market. Having experienced both, I totally understand and share the fantastic attitude I first noticed. Indeed, both locations are a gold mine of highly knowledgeable and generous coworkers always ready to pass on their know-how and passion for our products and customers. You really can’t help but learn, be inspired, grow, and in turn, help the next new ADB SAFEGATE colleague.

Emelie Banyog, Contract Administrator for the Canadian AGL market

“Working for ADB SAFEGATE is very much like working in a big, warm and caring family. While the workload is always heavy, the constant support and guidance from my superiors and colleagues, has nurtured a huge passion for my work at ADB SAFEGATE. This has become the key motivation for me to move forward, with extra miles. Team work and team spirit is what I cherish the most in all my 12 years with ADB SAFEGATE. Everyone from local office, Malaysia or head office in Zaventem, is always working together to obtain the best results. Superiors and colleagues are very helpful and always stand in support as a team player. There’s no limit to the help and understanding from all of my colleagues. Everyone does their best to assist each other to complete the task with the same aim even though we are working from different parts of the world and/or time zones."

Lee Mee Sun, CSA Manager, Asia Pacific Region, Selangor, Malaysia

“It is very nice to work in an environment with colleagues from a diverse mix of countries and cultures. Multinational environments typically give you a broader experience working with people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. It is a great place to work as it is a diverse organization with talented and collaborative people. If you're looking for a challenging role and positive international working environment, ADB SAFEGATE is the right place. There is always an open opportunity to further your education or to change career paths. Working for ADB SAFEGATE has influenced my own career development. I have been encouraged to develop the skills and access the support I need to take on a number of challenging roles and projects. I am given the autonomy that I need to develop and I always feel my opinions are valued. Another best part about working for ADB SAFEGATE is its people and the values-based culture. Quality work, multinational environment and learning opportunities are the reasons why it is great to work for such company.”

Valerie Van Laethem, Sales Operations Manager Zaventem, Belgium

“ADB SAFEGATE offers everything I like: an international environment, a cultural melting pot, highly talented colleagues, a wide portfolio encompassing different technologies, challenging customers, demanding shareholders and… a fantastic growth story that is ours to shape. All of this pushes us forward and allows us to develop ourselves to the best of our abilities. Getting up in the morning, every day, knowing with certainty that something interesting is going to happen. Travelling all over the world, landing at airports that use our products and systems, feeling at home everywhere, having fun, meeting with customers, partners and colleagues who love our products and our company…Fighting and winning.”

Christian Onselaere, Chairman and board member, Zaventem, Belgium

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