Working for a safer future for aviation  

airport gate, apron, model
airport gate, apron, model

Safe air travel is the foremost priority of the aviation industry and this is reflected in the strict guidelines prescribed by both local aviation authorities as well as international aviation bodies such as the ICAO and FAA.  

Advancements in lighting, power management and light control systems has made safe take-off and landing possible in bad weather or poor visibility conditions. That’s why airfield lighting and visual guidance systems are central to an airport’s airfield safety strategy.

From the thousands of lights that power the runway, taxiway, apron and other areas of the airport, to the visual docking guidance systems, and lighting control and monitoring systems that work in cohesion, our products and systems play a crucial role in the safe management of air and ground traffic.

As a global leader in creating airport performance, with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, ADB SAFEGATE is leading the way to a safer future for aviation.