Committed to a greener future


As an environmentally conscious company, we design and implement policies, processes and solutions that achieve sustainable operations. These include the responsible use of materials and waste management, use of renewable energy and advocacy of green practices throughout our company.

We foster a culture of continuous improvement in every functional area in the quest for environmental leadership. The key fundamentals of the environmental strategies are:

  • Continual improvement of our environmental management system
  • Adherence to legislation and regulations
  • Products and production processes designed to minimize environmental impact
  • Solutions minimize the need for on-site presence and the related environmental impacts
  • Solutions reduce environmental footprint from air travel
  • Environmental awareness while training of all personnel
  • Facilities free of environmentally hazardous materials
  • Material waste is recycled according to industry best practices
  • Travel and transport policies take account of environmental issues and encourage the use of alternative means of transport where possible


ADB SAFEGATE strives to work in the most efficient and environmental-friendly manner while showing responsibility in accordance with social and financial business ethics.

We aim to be the preferred choice for sustainable solutions in the industry, contributing to safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft ground movements at airports.

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