Our focus

Increase airport performance for our customers – from approach to departure. ADB SAFEGATE’s portfolio covers operational needs of airports from approach to departure. Our offer is a fully integrated airport that provides superior airport performance to cater to future customer demands.

Smarter airport operations

What if all the different parts of your airport communicated and worked seamlessly together as one? Imagine one integrated operational process from approach to departure. This would provide the necessary operational support for a seamless, optimized procedure that guides aircraft during approach and landing, taxiing to the gate, and back out again, across the airfield to the departure runway – tailored to maximize your airport’s throughput and safety.

To turn this vision into reality will require a solution that integrates and intelligently supports or automates many different guidance and traffic control functions, including tower control, airfield lighting, docking control and gate management. With aircraft time on the ground always at a minimum, airports can now fully utilize their capacity and safely handle more traffic with existing facilities.

Airport performance – from approach to departure

Providing superior airport performance from approach to departure is the vision behind ADB SAFEGATE. We bring more than 100 years of combined experience helping more than 2,500 airports worldwide with aircraft ground guidance systems. We understand the demands and challenges across tower, airfield and gate and know that airports need intelligent, highly-integrated airport operations that continuously raise performance. We also recognize that it is vital to support operational integration programs like Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM), Follow the Greens (FTG) and other direct requirements such as the SESAR PCP initiative.

With our expertise in integration, operational procedures and services and maintenance, we manage projects from start to end. This allows us to ensure the world’s busiest airports operate smoothly and in the most efficient way, all the way from approach to departure.

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Tower – increased ATC performance

Air traffic controllers (ATC) tackle complex considerations while controlling the operational process and workflow. ADB SAFEGATE solutions support air traffic controllers and other stakeholders in finding the optimized throughput as well as the safest way from touchdown to take off. By considering the airport as one operational entity and enabling the supporting systems to operate as one, we enable air traffic controllers to gain full control over aircraft and vehicle movement at all stages, and future-proof an airport’s traffic management.

With ADB SAFEGATE’s integrated solutions you get real-time information about all movements, from touchdown to gate.

  • Present in over 260 towers

  • Complete ATC solutions operating aircraft movement from approach to departure

  • System integration secured

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Gate – automated and efficient gate operations

Not only is it crucial to shorten the aircraft turnaround time, but airports and airlines must also strive to minimize the risk of accidents in the apron area with its continuous flow of people, aircraft and ground vehicles. Our automated platforms for safe and efficient apron management and aircraft docking provide real-time intelligence for stakeholders in the turnaround process to improve predictability and achieve the best sequencing for departure flow management.

Guiding an aircraft to its correct position by providing the pilot with intuitive information is critical. ADB SAFEGATE has automated solutions for data sharing needed to increase safety, efficiency and improve traffic flow. 

Our Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) provides active guidance to pilots to support safe, efficient and precise automated aircraft parking during virtually all operating conditions. ADB SAFEGATE’s SafeControl Apron Management connects the A-VDGS to flight information systems and other equipment on the apron to collect and share valuable data needed to increase safety, efficiency and improve traffic flow.

  • 7,000 Safedocks A-VDGS installed around the world

  • 15 million safe dockings each year

  • Improved apron and gate safety

  • Shorter turnaround times

  • ICAO compliant A-VDGS

  • Supports airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM)

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Airfield –  safer, more efficient and sustainable

Airfield lighting is vital for the ATC to provide visual guidance for pilots to land, taxi and take-off safely and efficiently. Intelligent airfield lighting opens up new operational capabilities in terms of active guidance and monitoring for multiple stakeholders. Compliant and smoothly integrated with complementary systems, these solutions improve airfield availability, performance, safety and energy efficiency. ADB SAFEGATE has decades of experience installing fully-integrated airfield lighting solutions, including power, signs and lights, at several thousand airports globally.

  • 70+ years of experience in AGL

  • In operation at more than 2,500 airports

  • Wide range of LED airfield lighting 800,000+ LED lights installed

  • SESAR/NextGen future-proof light control and monitoring solutions

  • ICAO and FAA compliant

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Service – greater availability, safety and performance

ADB SAFEGATE understands that you require a variety of technical support services including maintenance and training. Our portfolio meets these needs – from concept of operations to gate and airfield lighting design, and from audit and survey to project management and customizable maintenance packages that include full maintenance.

  • +20 years of expertise in maintenance services

  • Maintenance facility management implemented at leading airports in the Middle East

  • Maintain products so that they can be used through their lifetime

  • From AGL Design to audit and survey, project management and full maintenance

  • Minimize interruptions

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