ADB SAFEGATE products and solutions have been developed over the years and are based on experience and insights gained from many installations worldwide. The development process is characterized by a small step strategy where proven solutions are maintained and innovation and improvements are carefully implemented over time.

All our products and services comply with internationally recognized standards, in terms of both quality and environmental impact. The quality and environment policies are evident in all relevant processes with risk management and controls maintained throughout development, production and delivery in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 


Quality is an essential element of ADB SAFEGATE’s core values along with care, passion and leadership. A culture of continuous improvement is embedded in every functional area in the quest for quality leadership, achieved by key quality strategies and fundamentals.

We focus on customer satisfaction by carefully analyzing customer needs and requirements. Building and maintaining our customer's trust in our products and services is our responsibility, and as part of continuous improvement we continually evaluate our processes in order to enhance our quality and efficiency. We strive towards an exceptional level of quality in all aspects of our organization and for every solution. Above all, we base our quality strategy on the expertise of our passionate people.

Our ADB SAFEGATE quality policy is based on a strategy which is fundamental to the company, with:

  • Focus on customer care worldwide
  • Leading edge technology and innovative solutions
  • Continued service and support
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Continuous employee development
  • Responsive delivery of products and solutions


ISO 9001 certificate


ISO 14001 certificate


OHSAS 18001 certificate


ISO 27001 certificate


ISO 45001 certificate