Keeping the airfield operational and safe

Solutions for accelerated airfield operations

Challenges on the airfield

To be able to maintain safety and operational efficiency is a key issue at any airfield. Relying on visual contact with the aircraft during taxiing using merely manual systems is not a viable way for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) to guide the pilot to and from the correct gate in a safe and efficient way. This is especially true in bad weather situations or when there is dense traffic. As much as 85% of all accidents are caused by human mistakes, according to the Flight Safety Foundation, but to a large extent, they can be avoided through automated systems that integrate the airfield with the tower and gate. Especially in medium-sized and larger airports, with a number of bottle-necks and hard-to-reach areas in the infrastructure, maintenance can be difficult and cause major interruptions in the flow of aircraft. Intelligent airfield solutions minimize the need for maintenance, thus keeping the airfield more efficient and available.

The lack of automation on the airfield can lead to accidents, delays and unnecessary CO2 emissions. 

  • Decreased operational usage of the airfield with subsequent lower throughput

  • Lack of situational awareness

  • Time-consuming maintenance when lights malfunction

  • Heavy workload for the ATCOs

An integrated airfield is an ‘intelligent’ airfield

Making visual guidance smarter

Airfield ground lighting (AGL) for visual guidance is at the heart of airfield operations. ‘Intelligent’ lighting makes the visual guiding process easier and improves situational awareness by switching lights on and off according to information shared by airfield surveillance and aircraft tracking systems. This allows for optimized aircraft routing to and from gates and a more efficient traffic flow, while maintaining or even raising the level of safety.

Automated lighting system

ADB SAFEGATE offers a complete AGL portfolio, allowing for an upgrade to the latest intelligent technology and integration of the lighting system within the existing infrastructure. We can offer modular solutions, allowing for future expansion and full integration with easy maintenance. With a holistic approach to the airfield lighting systems, it is possible to decrease runway incursions, increase throughput and minimize maintenance downtime. With more efficient and flexible flow of aircraft, the carbon footprint of the airport is decreased. In combination with our Individual Light Control and Monitoring System (ILCMS), our AGL system can greatly improve taxiing procedures. With ILCMS, every individual light on the airfield can be checked and quick maintenance can be carried out if necessary. 

Follow the greens

ADB SAFEGATE offers an end-to-end approach that combines our expertise in AGL design with market-leading AGL products and solutions, system engineering and maintenance. With our holistic approach we can tailor-make systems that are reliable and cost-efficient to implement and maintain. Our product range includes the latest safety solutions and management systems, including LED runway and taxiway lights, precision approach and landing systems, as well as surface movement radars and integrated remote units that allow for installation with fewer parts. Our ILCMS makes ground movements safer and faster while providing real-time AGL status information to complement the verbal communication between tower and pilots. With ILCMS the ATCO can better guide incoming and outgoing flights. ADB SAFEGATE solutions can be installed as stand-alone AGL systems or integrated with other third-party systems. They are also the base for the ultimate intelligent airfield solution, where the pilot simply has to ‘follow the greens’ to and from the designated gate, efficiently and safely. Airports with the need and ambition to expand can start integrating parts of the ADB SAFEGATE solutions during runway refurbishment to allow for a future ‘follow the greens” system. 

Our automated solutions will help you:

  • Maximize safety from approach to departure

  • Increase throughput by maximizing operational reliability

  • Handle traffic safely in all kinds of weather

  • Reduce maintenance time by more efficient replacing of specific lights

Allow for a smarter airfield with our proven concept

With our solutions airports can handle more aircraft with greater safety, improving their capacity and revenue. Effective visual guidance is maintained if communications between the ATCO and the aircraft should be interrupted, or when poor visibility would otherwise hamper or even stop operations.


With integrated AGL and ILCMS, taxiway lights can be switched on in sequence to guide aircraft to and from the gates. Advanced and automated control provides the ATC with comprehensive situational awareness that greatly reduces the risk of runway incursions.


Our AGL systems combined with the ILCMS software allows you to use the lighting to manage aircraft movements in a more efficient way. This reduces taxiing time, especially at large hub airports with a complex layout of interlocking taxiways. In addition, our ILCMS system benefits easy installation and fewer spare parts.


More efficient aircraft guidance on the airfield with fewer taxi interruptions makes it possible to reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Prepare the airfield for future opportunities

If it is your ambition to expand to meet tomorrow’s traffic demands in a safe, efficient and sustainable way, it is time to act today. With a combined experience of more than 100 years of airfield solutions, we can offer a complete portfolio and the expertise that is needed to arrange for a safe, efficient and sustainable lighting solution. Our focus is always on providing a complete AGL system, with automatic ILCMS and power solutions, but we are also looking ahead. ADB SAFEGATE systems can be used as a base for a truly ‘intelligent’ airfield, where a pilot simply has to ‘follow the greens’ to arrive at the correct gate, efficiently and safely.

“By creating more efficient traffic flows, intelligent airfield lighting can bring substantial efficiency improvements. For example, it has been calculated that at one major international airport, intelligent airfield lighting is saving up to three minutes additional taxi time per movement.”

Andreas Wirandi, Head of Product management Airfield RoW, ADB SAFEGATE