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Airport performance

VIDEO. The aviation industry is changing. Airports around the world are challenged to handle the increase while staying profitable and maintaining safety. At ADB SAFEGATE we help airports and airlines do more with what they already have.

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All parts of your airport working together

INTERACTIVE AIRPORT. Expand your airport’s throughput. By letting all parts of your airport work together as one unit we help you unlock your hidden potential for airport traffic expansion. With our leading solutions for gate, airfield, tower and service, connecting the entire airport, you are supported for more and safer aircraft movements.

Interactive Airport
System integration to beat airport congestion

System integration to beat airport congestion

BLOG. Historically, congested airports solved the problem by building new infrastructure. Today, airports are finding new ways to overcome the challenge without big infrastructure investments. One of these is the effective use of several independent or successive IT and operational improvement steps.

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ADB SAFEGATE  Six Step Program to Airport Performance

Tailored approach to boost airport performance

SIX-STEP PROGRAM. Every airport is different. One solution will not fit all. Solutions must be tailored to each airport’s demands, environment and business objectives. Our six-step program is tailored to optimize your airport performance.

Our Approach
White Paper:  Digital transformation of airport airside operations

Digital transformation of airport airside operations

NEW. This white paper is based on a global research study about the status and future direction of digital transformation in airport airside operations. It incorporates views and inputs of operations and IT directors from 50 airports, as well as views of industry IT suppliers and Frost & Sullivan consultants

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Airport Performance from approach to departure

ADB SAFEGATE offers one of the industry’s most extensive portfolios as the foundation for fully integrated solutions to support airport development. We understand the increasing demands on the tower, airfield and gate and we use our operational know-how to enable all parts of an airport to work together as one to increase airport performance. All the way from approach to departure.

More and more people choose to fly

The aviation industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. This enables economic growth and opportunities, but it also brings challenges to the industry. Providing superior airport performance from approach to departure is the vision behind ADB SAFEGATE. We bring 100+ years of combined experience helping more than 2,500 airports worldwide. We know that airports need to create intelligent, highly-integrated airport operations that continuously raise performance.

Customer cases

ADB Safegate to enhance airport performance at Paris Charles de Gaulles and Orly

Enhanced airport performance with new apron management system

CUSTOMER CASE: Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and ORLY (ORY), France. As a component of the A-CDM process, new apron management systems and docking systems will be implemented at the airports to enhance airport throughput, tackle congestion and optimize airport transit process, efficiency and predictability.

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From zero to 29 movements – weather proofed in less than a year

CUSTOMER CASE: Lahore International Airport (LHE), Pakistan. Lahore International Airport is now weather proofed. During an intense but short project that lasted only 12 months, the airport’s nominal capacity has been upgraded to handle 29 aircraft movements per hour, regardless of weather.

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Efficiency boost with integrated tower system

CUSTOMER CASE: Birmingham Airport (BHX), UK. Greater predictability of aircraft movement is expected when Birmingham installs integrated tower systems from ADB SAFEGATE. Resource optimization and capacity enhancement, leading to safer and superior airport performance, increased efficiency and lower costs are additional benefits.  

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