Your take-off with us

So, you are looking to start your career flight with us, that's great! Of course you would like to know more about life at ADB SAFEGATE. This page will give you a sneak peek! 

I am Regional Sales Director for the Asia Region and have worked for the company for more than a decade. I love working for a company that is leading in technology and that sets the standard for the industry. It makes me feel as I am fulfilling my purpose by bringing value proposition to various stakeholders and providing the best customer experience.

Teslie Chen, Sales Director, Singapore

I am a Software Engineer II at ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems and I joined the company in 2018 on the Graduate Scheme. Since joining, I have enjoyed learning multiple different technologies and the friendly atmosphere has always made me feel at home. I am always inspired by the knowledge and experience of the developers at ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems, many of whom have given me plenty of guidance and support - it has been the perfect company to begin my career as a Software Engineer.

Jessica Wimble, Software Engineer, UK

The HR team and myself are working on improving the employee experience each and every day - for new hires and for all current colleagues. And I have the privilege to lead this team! Working at ADB SAFEGATE is great because the company has loads of ambition (and who doesn’t like to join this journey?) and many excellent colleagues to collaborate with.

Wendy Broekhoff, VP HR, Belgium

I have worked for the company for more than 20 years which is a long time but it has flown by and I am still enjoying it! I started as a software developer, and my job has taken me on an exciting journey across Europe and beyond. All the different projects with its own challenges have allowed me to reach further beyond myself. I love being able to travel and see our products help the airport operate, aircraft land and navigate across the airfield and finally being parked on time, especially those I have actively contributed to. And still there is so much to do.

Marc Doms, Head of Research Innovation, Germany

Everything at ADB SAFEGATE is done with such pleasing level of respect and concern to your opinion. Individual opinions matter within the organization on regional and even global level. Our organization is a paradise for an aviation lover. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn, interact, grow personally and professionally, make contacts, travel and gather priceless information that wouldn’t be available with nearest competition.

Timur Bagdasaryan, Bid Team Leader, India

Diversity at ADB SAFEGATE  

Our company is like an airport, a place where all kinds of people come together to get on the same flight.

ADB SAFEGATE makes traveling around the world safer, faster and more efficient. But did you know that the world is represented inside our company as well? 

ADB SAFEGATE is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. With offices around the globe that are filled with passionate employees representing different nationalities, cultures, languages, and identities, we pride ourselves on being a colorful melting pot.  

At ADB SAFEGATE, we are committed to:  

  • Respect the personal dignity, privacy, and personal rights of every individual.  
  • Welcome and celebrate various ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, races, sexual identities, bodies, world views, and genders. 
  • Not tolerate discrimination against anyone, whether they be our employees or the many clients, suppliers, and consultants we work with.
  • Ensuring equitable pay practices across all genders. 

Training & Development 

Our employees and their combined expertise are the core of our business.  

Therefore we invest in a thorough onboarding process to give you the best possible head start. You will get trained on your specific tasks by team members with years of experience, and receive your ticket to a global online onboarding training to integrate you in the company. 

Apart from training on the job, ADB SAFEGATE recognizes that with a huge diversity of employees comes a huge diversity of training needs. 

That’s why we offer free access to an online e-learning platform featuring thousands of trainings on many different topics, from personal development to IT-skills, to job-specific knowledge. You can use this platform to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Employee Assistance Program 

Employee wellbeing is on our top list of priorities. That’s why all of our employees get free and anonymous access to an Employee Assistance Program they can utilize 24/7.   

This program offers support on a myriad of topics including: 

  • Emotional wellbeing 
  • Stress & anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Work-life balance 
  • Consumer rights
  • Child care and education
  • Marriage
  • Financial topics 

Performance Management

At ADB SAFEGATE, we understand the importance of constructive and timely feedback.

That’s why we have implemented a quarterly performance review system that allows you to set goals together with your manager and review them regularly. 

This way, you know where you are headed and how you are doing throughout the year!