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Watch the video where Regional Sales Director for Europe, Regardt Willer shares insights about the region:


The European market is unique and despite uncertainties has remained strong. Consider these estimates: 

  • The Association of European Airlines reported that member airlines carried approximately 307 million passengers in 2015, with passenger traffic increasing 4.3 percent compared to 2014.
  • Europe’s GDP is estimated to grow by 1.8 percent annually through 2035
  • The European aviation market, too, will expand over the next 20 years, and airlines will acquire over 7,500 new airplanes valued at over $1.1 trillion

With increasing air traffic and tighter time schedules, it becomes necessary to control every movement within and around an airport. The usual way to increase capacity is to expand infrastructure. However, since many European airports were constructed during the 1960s and 1970s they are landlocked, making expansion almost impossible. To meet the challenge, European airports need better functionality for more capacity.

With the formation of Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) to overhaul the European airspace and air traffic management (ATM), the airports need to constantly explore ways to manage capacity and growth. Currently, the SESAR program includes 25 airports in Europe and their integration potential is far from utilized to full capability.

While infrastructure or runway expansion may seem like an ideal solution, at ADB SAFEGATE we believe the answer lies elsewhere. Airports can do more with what they already have and our integrated airport solutions can help unlock the hidden potential for airport traffic expansion. 


1.8% GDP
25 SESAR airports
307 million passengers

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