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Watch the video where Regional Sales Director for Middle East, Waqas Ahmad Sheikh shares insights about the region:


ADB SAFEGATE has had a long presence in the Middle East with over 250 regional team members. We believe that staying close to our customers helps us understand their needs better when it comes to providing support and expertise.

Some of our most successful projects have been the result of strong partnerships with local teams, combining our in-depth knowledge of airport performance with their deep understanding of the airport and its needs.  

As regional market leader, we are a solution provider in the domains of airfield, gate, tower and service. Our technical services teams are dedicated to supporting day-to-day maintenance operations at all leading airports in the Middle East. We strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships with customers through impeccable customer care.   

5 Offices
250+ People
#1 In market
100% Customer experience focus
40+ Years in region


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