Florida Airports Council 48th Annual Conference & Exposition

ADB SAFEGATE will be attending the Florida Airports Council 48th Annual Conference & Exposition in Miami Beach this summer! Click through to read more about the event.

Starts: July 23
Ends: July 26

About the Airport Council

The Council is the official association of the publicly-owned and -operated airports in Florida. Originally formed as the Florida Airport Managers Association (FAMA) in October of 1969, the organization was created to provide the strength of numbers needed to successfully face the major challenges of the industry at that time… and in the future.

The Council is composed of members representing all 20 Florida commercial service airports and 79 of the state’s publicly-owned general aviation airports, 1 Spaceport (Cecil Airport) and more than 250 corporate, educational, affiliate, student chapters and student members.

The Council is committed to continued improvement of the many aviation facilities in Florida, as well as professional development of its members. Educational programs, conferences, webinars, and seminars are held each year to provide the membership with the tools necessary to perform their job responsibilities, as well as prepare them for more challenging positions in the future.