ALSC - Series Circuit Cutout

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The ALSC is used to isolate the field circuit from the constant current regulator (CCR) for testing or maintenance. The ALSC replaces the industry standard "S1 Cutout" and provides additional features designed specifically for maintenance personnel. The ALSC consists of a base unit and a series of removable handles that provide a convenient means of testing the field circuit without disconnecting the field cables from the CCR. It can be installed next to or within a CCR, or in a separate cutout enclosure.

Design Features


  • Compatible with all types of L-828/L-829 CCRs and L-847 circuit selectors operating at 6.6A or 20A output current.
  • Designed to operate at 5000 Volts and withstand a hi-pot test of 23KV for 1 minute (required for a 30KW CCR operating at 6.6A output). Most series cutouts are not able to meet this requirement.
  • Designed for reliable operation from -55°C to +55°C and in areas of high humidity.
  • Constructed from a special flame retardant cast epoxy resin for superior insulating properties, impact strength, crack and shatter resistance, and chemical resistance.
  • With its high insulation properties and the smallest footprint on the market, the ALSC can be installed within a CCR, or multiple units can be installed in close proximity in a compact cutout enclosure.
  • Designed as a replacement for existing S1 cutouts, the ALSC will fit in the space available.
Data Sheet: ALSC - Series Circuit Cutout

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