ASP (SafeControl-ILCMS) - Individual light control and monitoring system

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The SafeControl-ILCMS is an individual light control and monitoring system that makes ground movements safer and faster while it visually complements the verbal communication between tower and pilots.

SafeControl-ILCMS is the market leading solution with over 50 percent market share at airports using addressable light systems. It solves issues such as runway incursions, limited capacity and maintenance requirements. In addition, SafeControl-ILCMS provides the tower with real-time status and it seamlessly integrates with any existing system.

SafeControl-ILCMS has a number of valuable features to increase your airport's efficiency and capacity that can be divided into the areas of design, installation, maintenance and operation.

The decisions made in the system design phase greatly affect product function from beginning to end. So this is the time to look at the big picture - and evaluate what functionality might be desired further down the road.

The traditional design, with CCR and cable, can be complicated and expensive to install and requires a lot of cable. More cable means higher power consumption and higher CO² emissions. To handle more segments you will need more CCRs and maybe new substations. All this work is time-consuming and leads to decreased airport accessibility.

SafeControl-ILCMS can be added to your existing system, requires significantly fewer CCRs and a lot less cable. It is suitable for airports of all sizes and is very easily upgradeable in the future.

Installation work is an inevitable part of the everyday activities at an airport. When using traditional systems, the installation can be long and expensive. More cable and more digging are required. Parts of the airport may need to be shut down, and staff will have to work overtime. This will create a significant decrease of airport accessibility, leading to delays, dissatisfied customers, revenue loss and bad will.

With SafeControl-ILCMS, you will need less cable and less digging, leading to quicker and easier installations.

Making maintenance run as smooth as possible is one of the keys to a successful airport, both from a safety and an efficiency point of view. With a traditional lighting system it isn’t possible to differentiate between a critical and non-critical lamp failure. Not knowing which lamps aren’t working requires time-consuming and costly maintenance and leads to delays, increased fuel and CO² burns, and loss of revenue.

With SafeControl-ILCMS you get a detailed status presentation, pointing out exactly where a problem occurs and distinguishing between critical and non-critical alarms. This leads to significantly quicker maintenance and minimal disturbance.

For an airport to be profitable, the challenge is to get everything up and running with no disruptions and be able to successfully handle as much traffic as possible. A traditional lighting system offers a lot of opportunities for problems and delays – from complicated installation work, acute maintenance measures, to aircraft on hold and massive fuel burn. All this causes high workload for staff, increasing stress reactions and the risk for incidents and accidents.

With SafeControl-ILCMS you get full control of everything that happens on the airfield, giving the very best conditions for guiding aircraft the safest and fastest way to and from the gate, resulting in increased accessibility and optimal turnaround time.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Addressable light system
• Individual light control
• Software based segmentation
• Active visual guidance
• Enables Follow the Greens
• Key component of A-SMGCS
• Real-time lamp status
• Flexible circuit design
• Low current (2A) operation possibility
• Increased throughput
• Efficient operations
• Reduced installation cost
• Reduction of CCRs and cables
• Reduced maintenance cost

Data Sheet: ASP (SafeControl-ILCMS)

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