EL-EAH - Runway Edge / End / Threshold

  • FAA
  • ICAO
  • STAC
  • NATO
  • Global
  • Non-LED
  • Elevated

EL-EAH is a bidirectional high or medium intensity light for runway edge, runway end, and runway threshold applications.

Key Features & Benefits
• Low power consumption: only 150 Watts in CAT III.
• Lamp life greater than 1,000 hours at 6.6 Amps.
• Resistance to jet blast, complying with ICAO requirement (300 mph).
• Frangibility of the fitting complying with FAA standards (350 mph).
• High speed replacement by hinging of the optical head.
• Power supply cable protected by support.
• Smooth glass dome outer surface.
• Easy adjustment by means three Allen screws locking onto the adjustable body.
• Easy maintenance carried out in the workshop by removing the optical head.
• Simple but sturdy design.

Compliance & Certifications

• ICAO: Annex 14 Volume I Paragraphs 5.3.9, and 5.3.15, for use in CAT I, II and III
• FAA: L-862, L-861, L-861E, AC 150/5345-46 (Current Edition)
• French STAC
• CAP 168
• BS 3224


• Runway Edge
• Runway Threshold
• Runway End
• Stop way


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