Retro Reflective Taxiway Marker

  • ICAO
  • Non-LED
  • Elevated


  • Improved safety: reflective markers greatly reduce the “sea of blue” effect experienced by many pilots
  • Cylindrical shape for full omnidirectional light reflection (360°)
  • Corrosion-proof, aviation yellow HDPE body, withstanding UV rays
  • Supplied with high intensity, blue retro-reflective sleeve. The blue colour strictly complies with ICAO, Annex 14, “Surface Marking Colours”
  • On demand: the same post can incorporate reflective sleeves of different size and colour for e.g. runway marking
  • Highly visible in all weather condition, day or night
  • No electricity required: reflects aircraft landing and wing tip lights
  • Frangible: if the marker is struck by and aircraft or vehicle, the plastic body causes no damage
  • Easy installation by self-clamping fixing concept between post and in-ground base
  • Easy mounting: it can be fixed directly into the ground or pavement. The optional ground mounting socket improves stability.
  • Jet blast resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy replacement by self-clamping fixing concept

Compliance & Certifications

- ICAO Annex 14 – Aérodrome - §5.5.5
- FAA L-853, AC 150/5345-39

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Data Sheet: Retro-reflective Marker

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