SL-SB-I - SafeLED Stop Bar L-852S(L) - 8" and 12"

  • FAA
  • IEC
  • Global
  • In-pavement
  • LED
  • 8-inch
  • 12-inch

A stop bar consist of a row of unidirectional in pavement red light fixtures. The stop bar is provided at the runway holding position and it’s an important tool to reduce the risk for runway incursions of aircraft and vehicles.

Features & Benefits
• availability in two versions:
- SafeLED IQ with integrated intelligence
- SafeLED with integrated fail-open technology
• support for controlled and uncontrolled installations
• SafeLED IQ fixture does not require any additional control box and is directly connected to the serial transformer
• compliance with Advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS)
• compatibility with existing electrical infrastructure and the Safegate 2A system for further power savings
• fully encapsulated all-in-one electronics
• built-in voltage surge and lightning protection
• 8” or 12” low protrusion, Style 3 Inset light fixtures
• no negative slope in front of the prisms
• LED technology that offers a long lasting light source with low power consumption
• IP68 protected, anodized aluminium housing designed for harsh weather environments (all fastenings in stainless steel)
• reinforced prism available as an option
• operational on 3- or 5-step ferroresonant or thyristor CCRs designed in compliance with IEC or FAA requirements
• easy handling and maintenance by modular design with few mechanical parts

Compliance & Certifications

FAA: AC 150/5345-46E and Engineering Brief No. 67D
FAA: AC 150/5340-30H
IEC: 61827


• L-852S(L) Stop bar lights (FAA)


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