SL-AC-AS-E - SafeLED Approach Centerline, Cross Bar and Side Row

  • FAA
  • ICAO
  • STAC
  • IEC
  • Global
  • LED
  • Elevated

A high-intensity unidirectional LED-based light fixture equipped with our unique IQ technology for easy individual lamp monitoring and control. The SL-AC-AS-E is available only with ADB SAFEGATE’s unique IQ technology for easy individual lamp monitoring and control.

With waterproof encapsulation of the electronics and all parts in aluminum and stainless steel it is designed to withstand harsh weather environments, for low and high temperature and is classified with IP67. The fitting is constructed of few parts with easy handling and maintenance in mind. It is available with scratch-proof sapphire prism as an option.

Key Features & Benefits
• Available in two versions:
- SafeLED IQ with integrated intelligence
- SafeLED with integrated fail-open technology
• Compatibility between SafeLED IQ version and Safegate ASP and 2A system for further power savings and ILCMS
• Fully encapsulated all-in-one electronics
• Built-in voltage surge and lightning protection
• Low protrusion, Style 3 Inset Light Fixtures
• No negative slope in front of the prisms
• Light-emitting diode (LED) technology that offers a long lasting light source with low power consumption
• No visual flicker for SafeLED light fixture
• IP67 protected, anodized aluminium housing designed for harsh weather environments (all fastenings in stainless steel)
• Reinforced prism available as an option
• Operational on 3- or 5-step ferroresonant or thyristor CCRs designed in compliance with IEC or FAA requirements
• Easy handling and maintenance by modular design with few mechanical parts
• Compatibility with existing infrastructure

Compliance & Certifications

• ICAO: Annex 14 Volume 1, Sixth Edition
• FAA: AC 150/5345-46D and Engineering Brief No. 67D
• IEC: 61827


• Approach Centerline
• Approach Crossbars
• Approach Side Rows


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