Airport Systems Baggage Management (AS-TRAK)

Airlines are increasingly measured on whether they can deliver a passenger’s bags accurately and on time. Despite the mishandling rate halving over the last ten years, 
every minute, 40 bags get mishandled worldwide which amounts to more than 22.7 million mishandled bags, costing the air transport industry US$2.3 billion. Baggage reconciliation, tracking and management solutions are helping airlines and airports minimize these figures.   

Reducing mishandled bags, and improving the baggage handling process, relies on one vital commodity: information. Airport Systems TRAK is a baggage reconciliation system that provides accurate, relevant and timely information, allowing operators to instantly understand the status of a bag, ULD or flight; respond to operational matters instantly and consistently; and to be able to analyze those decisions, allowing the process to evolve. The tool can even suggest alternative containers if they exist. 

Suitable for airports, airlines and ground handlers, it provides industry-leading functionalities for loading, reconciling, tracking, tracing, and managing baggage operations. 

As an airline or baggage handler required to manage bags efficiently, you need to be able to answer three questions. (1) Where are my bags? (2) Are my bags secure? (3) Are my bags correctly loaded? Airport Systems TRAK helps you answer these questions.

Solution Overview 

Airport Systems TRAK enables baggage management, reconciliation and tracking and can be used at any size of airport, across a region, or an airline's entire network.  Using Wi-Fi, RFID and barcode technologies, Airport Systems TRAK matches passengers to bags, so they can be quickly offloaded should passengers not board, reducing departure delays.   

Airports, airlines and ground handlers can therefore strike the right balance between reduced delays and reduced mishandling while staying fully compliant to industry security and handling guidelines prescribed by local and international bodies such as the IATA.    


  • Baggage Reconciliation/Positive Passenger Bag Matching 
    • Improves security by positively matching the bag to the passenger and ensures that baggage has received the required level of screening 
  • Resilient, reliable, easy-to-use platform that’s scalable, flexible and easy to integrate  
    • template-based configuration allows for easy and smooth operation 
    • Simple and intuitive user interface to interrogate baggage information 
    • Supports a range of mobile scanning devices, and email/ e-fax of reports 
    • Scalable to support multiple airports from a highly available server cluster, the tool is available as an enterprise hosted application or as a managed service. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated with other ADB SAFEGATE applications to provide a holistic airport operational and ground handling solution 
  • Hand Held Scanner Capabilities 
    • Ground handlers access the system using the latest robust wireless scanners to perform baggage hall and ramp operations. They receive offload alerts on the scanners. Supervisory control is provided via a web-based workstation application providing real-time flight, summary information, reports and global search facilities 
  • Sophisticated and powerful segregation capabilities  
    • Segregates bags by type, class, exception or onward connection, flight and carrier. The powerful 'segregation group' feature allows any combination - complex loading strategies are provided for. Together with the ability to distribute information to downline airports, Airport Systems TRAK’s segregation capabilities can greatly improve the efficiency of baggage handling at an airline's key hubs 
  • Real-time, configurable baggage tracking 
    • Provides real-time view of bag movement from check-in to load across the entire network, including arrival and reflighted bags. Load events are fully tracked, providing faster offloads and reducing pushback delays 
  • IATA Compliance and Security 
    • Fully compliant with IATA Resolution 753, Airport Systems TRAK provides instant location information as well as identifying important custody change events. It can automatically update SITA's WorldTracer tracking system 
    • Flexible baggage tracking facilities enablusers to establish the last known location of any item of baggage 
    • Enables compliance with local mandates as well as those defined by international bodies such as IATA and ACI. A full audit trail of all baggage operations is retained to monitor process compliance and identify possible training requirements                
  • Proactive and powerful transfer management facilities 
    • Highlights transfer bags that are close to or exceed the minimum transfer time for that terminal or agent, allowing special focus to be given for misconnects that can cause the most disruption.    


  • Streamlines and improves baggage management and tracking process  
  • Reduced risk of misloads and handler error 
  • Minimizes departure delays and reduced baggage mishandling costs 
  • Clear and simple user interface for easy monitoring 
  • Reduces misdirected baggage and short-shipped baggage costs 
  • Improves customer service and security, and the overall passenger experience  
  • Aids better and instant operational decisions by providing users with accurate, relevant and timely information in a clear and unambiguous way 

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