PVL - Internally Illuminated Taxiway Guidance LED Signs

  • ICAO

Available only for MAK market.


For all mandatory and information signage, ADB offers LED internally illuminated taxiway guidance signs. These signs are required to identify a location beyond which an authorisation from the tower is required to proceed. They include road-, taxi- and Cat I, II and III holding position signs, runway designation signs and ‘NO ENTRY’ signs. ADB’s PVL signs promise a very uniform luminance over the entire surface of the sign to ensure excellent legibility even in the worst visibility conditions. They operate reliably in severe weather conditions ranging from -40°C to 55°C. The sign low mass, frangible yet rigid constructions meet ICAO and FAA requirements, withstanding wind velocities up to 322 km/h. and is available in 2 IP grades: IP34 and IP54. Also offered is the RPV retrofit kit, this kit contains the PVL power supply and LED-strips that can be retrofitted in already installed PVO and PVH signs.

Compliance & Certifications

- ICAO: Annex 14, Volume I, para 5.4 and Appendix 4.
- CENELEC: pr ENV 50235/1996


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