Regional Training Options

ADB Safegate On Tour…Regional Airfield Maintenance Training.

Order your airfield maintenance training – to go!

That’s right, we’re bringing our knowledge to a city near you via ADB SAFEGATE On Tour with Airfield Maintenance Training. This is a unique opportunity to meet with regional sales representatives, as well as qualified service technicians, to learn about the latest in airfield innovations and receive practical, hands-on training.

If you’d like to hear more about this exciting new option, contact the sales manager listed below and he'll be happy to help.

Upcoming Onsite Airfield Maintenance Seminars

Place: San Jose International Airport,  San Jose, CA
Dates: Oct 30th & 31st
Contact info: Jim Taylor 
Telephone: +1 614 357 2608
Description: Two-day Airfield Lighting Training and Troubleshooting Seminar