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Services and training
Services and training

It is a challenging combination of activities, equipment and processes that keeps a modern airport operational. In this complex and intertwined airport environment, availability of the infrastructure is key to a successful operation. Downtime has an enormous impact, not only on airport operations but also on all passenger services that depend on the availability of the infrastructure.

As a global solution provider ADB SAFEGATE understands how vital it is that any intervention – from smaller maintenance interventions to larger installation projects – runs smoothly and has an absolute minimum impact on operations.

Taking on your challenges

ADB SAFEGATE brings its experience in design, installation and implementation to the table to support and deliver even the largest projects. As a system integrator we understand every airport has specific needs and we know how to listen, build a solid relation and maintain it with care.

When the installed systems are operational ADB SAFEGATE offers service level agreements that provide the benefits of skilled and flexible support teams, optimized maintenance programs, and ongoing access to new technology and best practices in the industry.

Our mission 

Our mission is to provide our customers with superior airport performance from approach to departure.
As one of the most experienced Airfield Solutions providers we understand project execution is not only great through its level of quality, but also through the quality of the help and assistance provided during the project and after project delivery.

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