Airfield+: A Complete Family of Services

ADB SAFEGATE Americas offers a variety of service options to choose from. For more information about our Service Level Agreements, please contact your Sales Representative or our Technical Support Hotline or download our Airfield Services Brochure. For a quick summary of our service offerings, check out the content below or in our Airfield+ video

ALIS - A complete asset tracking, inspection and service solution to simplify airfield maintenance

The industry’s first real-time ALIS Asset Tracking and Management solution from ADB SAFEGATE enables a more reliable and fail-safe approach to asset tracking and maintenance by eliminating inefficiencies caused by human error. Every asset is recorded and tagged to provide airport maintenance teams a clearer view of maintenance schedules and history, and the software can also track asset life-cycle costs. This allows airports to manage resources more effectively and achieve the safety and longevity of airside assets. Contact your Sales Representative for a quote.

Photometric Airfield Calibration

Field Photometric Calibration - ADB SAFEGATE and FB Technology offer a complete portfolio of photometric measurement solutions to ensure accurate and reliable measurement of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) and aid AGL maintenance. By measuring the light intensity, these solutions ensure that AGL is compliant with guidelines specified by leading international aviation bodies. Contact your Sales Representative for a quote.

Spare Parts Assessment

Having the correct spare parts and quantities may play a key role in determining if an airfield circuit is down for a little while or maybe days. Even if a spare part is shipped overnight, or same day counter to counter, airline customers do not accept being delayed for any length of time. We can help you determine: 1) the most critical spares to stock based on installed equipment 2) the most commonly serviced spares 3) the suggested quantity of any one spare part 4) the physical condition of spares and 5) any revisions to spares based on upgrades or obsolescence. 

Preventive Maintenance Services

ADB SAFEGATE will perform routine maintenance and inspection of installed ADB SAFEGATE products to deter the occurrence of potential problems and to ensure their integrity. Preventive measures shall include the inspection and adjustments as outlined for each product.

AGL Training Academy – Formal (3 days)

For airports worldwide, regular training of AGL maintenance and service personnel is imperative to improving airside operations performance. Not only is airfield lighting technology continuously evolving, requiring periodic updates of know-how, but there is also a clear need to bring maintenance performance up to standards in accordance with ICAO and FAA specifications. Training will be structured around any specific need or products. It is best to schedule this formal training in conjunction with a scheduled maintenance trip. This creates the best of both worlds: formal product training as well as the “hands-on” practical field work.