Become an Airfield Ground Lighting Certified Airfield Professional

Enrollment Process & Training Handbook

To earn the Airfield Ground Lighting Certified Airfield Professional (AGL-CAP) credential, an individual must attend the AGL-CAP program and successfully complete a 100-question, open-book, multiple-choice examination with a 70% score or better. Students are not required to take the exam. Testing occurs on Friday morning, and the program will conclude at 1:00 p.m.

All materials will be provided upon arrival including a welcome gift and your Airfield Maintenance Reference Handbook used during the training and testing.

Maintenance Seminar Pricing

  • Airfield Maintenance Seminar with AGL-CAP testing, AGL-CAP Certificate and Training Academy “Wings” pin
    • $1875.00
  • Airfield Maintenance Seminar with Completion Certificate only, No Testing
    • $1775.00

Support Documents

Email justification message for your manager or supervisor

ADB SAFEGATE Training Academy Brochure: Maintenance