Never take a chance with airfield safety… Original spares from ADB SAFEGATE

While regular preventive maintenance can improve airfield availability and equipment lifespan, it cannot eliminate downtime or the risk of equipment failure. Your best bet is to replace the faulty component with a genuine spare part that performs to the standards you expect, and ensures your equipment is back in business at the earliest

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Three quick ways to find spare parts:


Use the search link above to drill down to lists of spare parts or the exact part you need for your ADB Safegate equipment.


Find the spare parts button on any product page, it will take you to a list of spare parts for that specific product.


Download the product manual from any product page, the list of spare parts is usually located near the end of the manual.

What you get with original spares from ADB Safegate

As the world leader in airfield equipment, we are committed to ensuring our products meet the highest quality standards, as well as ensuring the product longevity and performance.

We manufacture and offer genuine, original spare parts not only for our existing products portfolio but for phased-out products for up to a period of 10 years.

Eight reasons to choose Original ADB Safegate spares:


Excellent performance, improved airfield availability: Our superior quality spares meet the high standards of performance that you have come to expect from ADB Safegate.


ADB Safegate’s assured warranty: Not using original spare parts from ADB Safegate can void the warranty that comes with our products after they are installed.


Anytime, anywhere information: Our new Product Center now features spare parts lists that offer a quick, easy and intuitive way of finding the right part number. Plus, regular portal updates always show the latest part number, thereby eliminating any confusion.


Take charge of replacements: Rely on technical manuals from our Product Center that contain easy-to-follow instructions that allow your team to install the spare parts you order.


Increased product service life: Our spare parts are durable, and practically maintenance-free. Using the right materials makes a definitive difference – we use light-weight aluminum that is strong, corrosion-resistant and resilient in tough environmental conditions.


Minimize revenue losses, reduce operational costs: Not only do you minimize revenue losses by reducing downtime, our low-maintenance products bring down operational costs.


Excellent customer support: Contact your ADB Safegate representative in case of any spare parts related queries and you will hear back from us within 1 business day.


The right fit for seamless integration: as the original equipment manufacturer, no one knows our products better than us. Some products need to be accurate down to the millimeter for the right fit, else safety or product integrity is compromised. Overall, with ADB Safegate spares, integration is much simpler.