Airport Systems Airport Performance Expert (AS-APEX)

A large number of airports today are finding it a challenge to handle the increase in air traffic and passenger growth. Overburdened and often outdated infrastructure, capacity and resource constraints, and the high workload of airport staff are putting pressure on all stakeholders in the airport ecosystem. This pressure is often compounded by silo based working practices.  

Many airports are exploring ways to accelerate their operational performance. Whether it’s harnessing and consolidating data from various systems to improve overall situational awareness and improve collaboration or using Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) to optimize the turnaround process, the goal remains the same - operational excellence.

Solution Overview 

Airport Systems APEX is an operational performance improvement suite comprising Situational Awareness, A-CDM accredited Aircraft Flow Management and Advanced Analytics. This Day-of-Operations focused platform makes collaborative decision making a reality, providing information at the point of decision on mobile devices, at management desktops, or in the Airport Control Center. This helps all the airport stakeholders to make better decisions and act on them effectively 

Whether your airport is tier-1 or tier-3, Airport Systems APEX can be scaled to suit your needs. Architected, designed, constructed and tested for the most demanding operational environments, it can handlover 250 flight movements per minute. With real-time overviewspredictive and trend analysis capabilities, Airport Systems APEX allows your airport to plan and manage operational performance with ease.  

Module overview: 

Situational Awareness: Enables real-time and proactive monitoring of the passenger, baggage and aircraft value chain It incorporates an interactive map that consolidates multiple information sources key to airport operations.  

Extensive mobile device support and a real-time view on the position and status of aircraft and ground vehicles as they manoeuvre around the apron, taxiways and runways allows users to instantly understand the operational status, at any given time. This improves response and reaction times in case of disruptions or incidents. With access to accurate, relevant and timely information, staff on ground can react and respond quickly and take better decisions to resolve issues as the incident unfolds, before it materially impacts operations.

Airport Collaborative Decision Making: Covering every aspect of the EUROCONTROL  recommended elements for A-CDM, Airport Systems APEX provides an overall view of the entire turnaround process, including the capability to view by exception and to proactively manage the flights predicted to be late 

The key elements of the solution cover: 

  • Milestone Dashboard 
    As standard out of the box, it supports all 16 EUROCONTROL milestones but can be configured to include airport specific operational milestones that are important to airports outside the EUROCONTROL jurisdiction. 
  • Variable Taxi Times 
    Building on the Milestone approach defined by the EUROCONTROL CDM guidelines to enable the configuration of taxi times to accurately reflect the time the aircraft takes to get to stand. 
  • Pre-Departure Sequencing 
    Without a pre-departure sequencer A-CDM cannot realize its full potential. It optimizes the aircraft departure process, using scientifically designed algorithms to improve punctuality and slot adherence.  
  • Adverse Conditions 
    Many different events can disrupt the normal operation of an airport and reduce its capacity to levels substantially below that of normal operations. Thresholds can be defined to alert the users to specific adverse conditions (heavy rain, high winds, low/high temperature, low visibility etc.) and then the capacity of the runways can be configured to reflect a more suitable loading level. 
  • Collaborative Flight Management 
    This initiative is very specific to EUROCONTROL, but the principles may in general apply elsewhere in the world, if an equivalent body exists. It is concerned with the exchange of data between the airport and the EUROCONTROL Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU), with CFMU acting as the hub of data that allows exchange of information between airports. The data is focused on the times used in certain milestones.

Advanced Analytics: This module makes it simpler to analyze an airport’s operational performance and identify areas of improvement by mapping historical data of an airport’s operational processes against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This enables you to identify performance bottlenecks and the underlying causes.   

With a comprehensive set of pre-configured business intelligence packs built in, the module gathers and interprets data much faster, allowing users to gain accurate insights on operational performance and focus on improvement programs. 


  • Key information related to your airport’s operations, available at a glance: Multiple data feeds integrated to provide at-a-glance graphical information enhance data accuracyFull visualization of operational status combined with drill down functionality for detailed situational analysis provides the tools needed for airport operational process optimization. 
    • Airport map for at-a-glance situational awareness 
    • Strategic dashboard mapping actual performance against identified targets. 
    • EUROCONTROL A-CDM module includes operational and allocated resource view, 16 milestone dashboard display, integration with CFMU through DPI and FUM messaging 
    • Displays are provided in the same format but can be customized to suit multiple user needs   
  • Convert data into valuable business intelligence  
    • Real-time data drives predictive algorithms assess the likely impact on key processes and raise alerts proactively enabling response prior to SLA breech 
    • Analysis of historic performance on key operational days 
    • Modular Business Intelligence packs enable rapid Return on Investment 
  • Set KPIs, get reports and notifications   
    • KPIs for aircraft flow, resource utilization, passenger flow, baggage flow and other operational aspects 
    • Reports ttrack punctuality and data accuracy of aircraft movements, and baggage flow accuracy  
    • Reports on resource utilization with inputs integrated from a resource management system 
    • Predictive queue monitoring enabled by passenger flow reports with inputs linked from queue length monitoring systems and passenger situational tracking systems 
    • Notices and alerts 
  • Easy integration and deployment  
    • Industry-proven integration strategy from legacy FTP to full Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) over an ESB 
    • Deployed using industry standard technologies 
    • Supports multiple infrastructure deployment methods


  • Comprehensive visibility into your airport’s operations makes collaborative decision making a reality, mitigating sources of stakeholder disagreement 
  • Answers key operational and management questions: 
    • Do you know how your operation performed on any given day? 
    • How consistently does your operation perform? 
    • Can you analyse performance in a multi-faceted way? 
    • Can you react immediately to a developing situation secure in the knowledge you are taking the right remedial action? 
  • Focus on business-critical matters – staff can spend more time on improvement programs based on deep and accurate insights and less time data gathering and analysis   
  • Process optimization delivers long-term financial benefitsenhancing resource usage, mitigating effects of exceptional circumstances 
  • Real time data allows immediate reactive management 
  • Predictive capability allows planning for exception circumstances 
  • Invaluable in supporting lean and six sigma initiatives from inception, through execution and throughout continuous improvement 

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