Airport Systems Vision (AS-VISION)

Airports generate and consume large amounts of data and communicating that data to the people who need it, while they are on the move within the airport, can be a challenging task. Information such as delays, flight statuses, and gate details are always important, but having the information on hand when situations arise means that all key resources can respond and start to mitigate the risks quickly.

Solution Overview

AS-Vision is a responsive, webbased application that can be accessed from any webbased device, but is aimed at tablets and mobile phones in today’s mobile world. It features several modules and can be considered as an extension of AS-APEX, getting the information that it holds into the hands of the people on the ground.

Capable of being standalone within the ADB SAFEGATE product suite, or integrated into an airports Active Directory System, users can quickly log on using their mobile device and access realtime information particular to their role.

Module Overview

Flights: Lists of arriving and departing flights that can be scrolled through and all key data of each flight viewed at a glance. User roles allow for the list view to be configured to show key data such as flight number, scheduled times, delays, cancellations, gate number and Schengen flag.

Selecting an individual flight card takes the user to a more detailed screen providing a full list of data for that specific flight.

Filter and sorting functions allow the user to customize the information they want to see.

Milestones: Based on the Eurocontrol 16 Milestone Initiative, a list of all flight turnarounds is available for the user to view, including the key times of Block, Start-up Approval and Takeoff Times.

Drilling down on a specific flight presents a full list of all milestones including where there is a delay and the progression of the aircraft through the turnaround process.

Performance: A single page snapshot of how well the airport is performing, the performance page gives information such as percentage (%) on-time departures, and runway capacity.

Out of the box come a number of predefined and configured widgets with the scope for growth as the product develops

Map: Providing a bird’s eye view of the airport, the map module displays all key static assets including terminals, taxiways, gates and parked aircraft.

Its primary purpose is to present any exceptions such as delays, or problems in a view that allows for resources to be quickly managed to respond to any developing situation.


  • Latest generation web technology providing a fast, dynamic and responsive platform
  • Real-time information in the hands of people who need it, and need to respond based on the situation even while they are on the move
  • Configuration based on user roles so enough information is presented for them to do their job, without being distracted by things that may not involve them.

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