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Resource Management Solutions (RMS) have typically been associated with a higher level of hardware and infrastructure management costs and seen as solutions for larger airports. No longer. Using more than 20 years of expertise in RMS, Airport Systems has developed a simpler more cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized airports.

Solution Overview

Resource Management Express (RMX) is a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) solution offering smaller airports a simpler way to tackle the complexities of airport resource allocation and flight scheduling by providing a single, real-time source of operational information. It also allows you to reduce time on the ground, manage non-standard situations, and easily manage and plan your airport’s growth. 

RMX uses the most powerful features from our industry-leading AS-Resource Manager to deliver a unified view of assets and packages them as a low-cost, quick set-up solution so airports and airlines can optimize planning and allocation of flights and airport resources. By delivering an integrated, intelligent airport-wide view of day-to-day operations, RMX helps airports and airlines maximize capacity, improve the passenger experience and enjoy significant cost and time savings through fewer delays or disruptions.

The turnkey RMX is ideal for small to mid-sized airports that want to avoid the complexities of a traditional RMS. It is fully hosted and managed by ADB SAFEGATE Airport Systems and comes with online training and 24/7 tech support. Its feature-packed suite includes modules for planning, allocation, alerting and reporting as well as a rule-based engine that automatically factors in constraints and preferences specific to each airport allocating these resources in a matter of seconds, boosting operational efficiency.

Real-time alerts improve situational awareness and safety by allowing users to proactively manage disruptions and avoid, as well as resolve, conflicts. Airlines can work closely with airports and ground handlers to reduce ground time and support more sustainable operations.

RMX’s virtual sandbox area allows airports and airlines to verify if existing resources can support additional flights. This automated test environment is particularly useful to identify growth opportunities and manage seasonal surges in air traffic. RMX can integrate easily with the Airport Operational Database (AODB), Flight Information Display System (FIDS), billing and other airport systems. In addition to a canned report on resource usage and on-time performance, airports can integrate RMX with third-party business intelligence tools for advanced reporting capabilities to improve decision making.


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