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Regular training of your air traffic control, airside maintenance and service personnel is imperative to improving your airport’s operational performance.

Airport personnel involved in all aspects of airport systems must be well acquainted with newer technologies, products and solutions, but should also be well equipped to perform key tasks safely. Airports need to equip their staff with the required capabilities, ensuring all staff are performing in accordance with international standards and regulations.

Our courses and competence development programs, delivered at our training centers at many locations around the world or at your site, equip your airport staff and technicians at every level of their career. With us, they get all the tools they need to stay relevant in gate, tower and lighting systems.

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With years of field and training experience, our trainers focus on delivering a hands-on, realistic and interactive learning environment. We use a blend of teaching techniques - from a product and a complete circuit set-up to classroom learning and practical exercises. While standard sessions are in English, we are able to deliver most of our courses in additional languages upon request.

In today’s airport operating environment, you need to be on top of your game to ensure your facility is first class. Whether it’s safety, efficiency or environmental performance, you can only be the best by employing the best. Your people are the key to ensuring you continue to make best use of your assets and keep attracting airlines and passengers with what you have to offer. Keeping your staff up to date with the latest technology and practices builds their confidence and ensures they can contribute their abilities to your success.

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