Tower, Gate and Airfield

Tower – Top efficiency from approach to departure

ADB SAFEGATE’s Tower solutions provide all the information that ATC staff need. They ensure that ATC is fully aware of the status of equipment and has full control over aircraft and vehicle positions. Ensuring they have this information at their fingertips helps ATC staff when getting aircraft from touchdown to gate in the most efficient way possible, leading to fewer planes waiting at the gate, at holding positions, queuing for take-off or circling in the air for landing. Our ATC training offer gives an introduction of the tasks and responsibilities performed at the ATC and the tools used to accomplish this. ​The trainings are usually given in Malmö, Sweden. But can be requested all over the world.

ATC+ 1: Introduction to Air Traffic Control:

ATC+ 1 is a three-day training course illustrating the operational principles of air traffic control. The course is delivered in collaboration with Entry Point North, one of the world’s leading ATC academies. The course is designed to give students a foundation level of knowledge and an understanding of the work of an air traffic controller and the control systems they use for safe aircraft guidance.

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ATC+ 2: ATC Product Training

ATC+ 2 is a two-day course that illustrates the different ADB SAFEGATE solutions to improve air traffic control. The course will give a clear understanding of the four major control solutions and their compatibility.

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* ATC+ 1 & 2 can be combined during the same week or they can be taken separately.

Air Traffic Control Refreshment Training

This is intended as specialized tailor-made training to refresh the operational and maintenance procedures for each individual airport. The content and duration of the training will depend on the actual installation.

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Gate – Keeping safe at the gate

Some 80% of airport ramp accidents occur at the gate area. This is no surprise as these are busy, confined areas where aircraft, vehicles and people are in constant motion in all types of weather conditions. Using an A-VDGS and an Apron Management System will increase efficiency, decrease turn-around times and improve safety at the gate. Our GATE-Plus training gives an overview of how to implement these improvements. ​The trainings are usually given in Malmö, Sweden. But can be requested all over the world.

Gate+: Advanced Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) Product Training and Apron Management Training

This five-day course guides trainees through the different docking systems and apron management systems that ADB SAFEGATE offers. GATE+ provides you first with an understanding of the design, installation, functionality and maintenance procedures of these docking systems. Secondly, it offers a bird’s eye view of the actions performed by an aircraft and its handlers on the airport apron. The training will focus on our Safedock X and SafeControl Apron Management (SAM), a software package used to maximize safety and efficiency on the apron.

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Gate Specialist

This course provides specialized maintenance and operational training on ADB SAFEGATE’s gate products and systems. It is tailor-made for trainees and delivered in accordance with international standards as established by ICAO and other national bodies.

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Airfield – A spotlight on Airfield Ground Lighting

Operating an airport safely relies on the quality of the Airfield Ground Lighting, which depends on the quality of the design, installation and maintenance. These aspects are thoroughly discussed in our wide ranging Airfield Ground Lighting training programs, which are based on our many decades of experience installing fully integrated airfield lighting solutions.
​The trainings are usually given in Zaventem, Belgium. But can be requested all over the world.

AGL+ 1: Airfield Ground Lighting Principles

​A four-day course, AGL+ 1 introduces the requirements of airfield lighting and provides a general overview of characteristics, features and functionality AGL applications. It introduces the international standards and explains the principles of maintenance and safety.

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AGL+ 2: Airfield Ground Lighting Product Training

This five-day course demonstrates the practical aspects of the theory covered in AGL+ 1. The session explores in detail the functionality, structure, installation and maintenance of the ADB SAFEGATE’s products and systems while providing an extensive understanding of product safety. Overall, the course helps establish practical processes related to product and systems.

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AGL+ 3: Airfield Ground Lighting Maintenance Management

​A five-day course, AGL+ 3 provides an in-depth overview of various AGL operation and maintenance aspects, procedures, tools, equipment and practices. With an overriding focus on airside safety, the session explains the differences between corrective and preventive maintenance systems and their impact on airport operations, establishing a typical state-of-the-art maintenance structure depending on the installed base (including the function description). It helps define the roles and responsibilities of each member of the AGL maintenance team (including the competency management) and builds awareness of Health & Safety cases in order to establish a professional H&S plan.

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AGL+ 5: Airfield Ground Lighting Design

 This intensive course provides a nine-day introduction to the design, products and system characteristics and specifications of AGL systems to meet international standards such as ICAO it will also introduce national standards prescribed by bodies such as FAA,  EUROCONTROL, EASA, NATO, UK CAA and STAC. During AGL+ 5, you will design a complete AGL layout of a fictional airport.

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* Note: AGL+ 5 is only available at Zaventem at certain intervals. Please contact us for further information about the schedule of this course.

AGL+ 6: Airfield Ground Lighting Installation Quality and Awareness

This five-day program provides a practical knowledge of quality issues as well as experience of installing AGL primary and secondary circuit equipment and lighting fixtures, During this training, staff will have the opportunity to install bases & lights and cables & connectors using various methods. The training will be performed in collaboration with Possehl in Oosterhout, the Netherlands.

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AGL+ 7: Airfield Ground Lighting Control Systems

A three-day course explaining ADB SAFEGATE’s ALCS and ILCMS systems covering both theory and the practical operation of these systems. Attendees can also gain insights from ADB SAFEGATE’s knowledge and experience in this field.

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Airfield Ground Lighting Specialist

Comprising specialized maintenance and operator training on ADB SAFEGATE products and systems, this practical course is delivered in accordance with international standards such as ICAO, as well as national standards. It includes design characteristics, installation and commissioning procedures, fault finding and maintenance. While ADB SAFEGATE has defined several standard modules, the course can be customized to meet your airport’s needs

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