FTO - Heliport LI Omnidirectional Light

  • ICAO
  • NATO
  • Non-LED
  • In-pavement
  • 8-inch

The low intensity omnidirectional inset light shall comply with all requirements of ICAO Annex 14 Vol. II for heliport lights, paragraph 5.3.6 to 5.3.8. The electrical supply shall be either a 6.6A series circuit or a parallel 230V AC source via a build-in stepdown transformer. Depending on the application the lamp shall be either a 45W or 65W - 6.6 A Pk30d prefocus halogen lamp or a 48W cold mirror prefocus halogen lamp with an expected life of more than 1000 hours at full intensity. The lens shall be user-replaceable without need to apply sealing compound. When required the lens shall be through coloured. No separate colour filter shall be used. The projection above ground level shall not exceed 10 mm. The absence of a negative slope in front of the lens shall guarantee an optimal light output even in the worst weather conditions. The top part of the light shall be made from forged aluminum alloy. Watertightness shall be ensured through double waterbarriers. Grommets shall be used for the entry of the wires inside the inner cover to allow for easy replacement of accidentally damaged wires. All components shall be corrosion proof without using environment aggressive protective coatings. The light shall resist all stresses imposed by rollover and static loads of present day helicopters without damage to the light or helicopter or vehicle tires. The lighting fixture shall suit for mounting on a 8”dia shallow base or on larger diameter shallow or deep bases via adaptor rings.

Compliance & Certifications

For compliance, please see data sheet and certification tab below.


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