HBA - Helicopter Approach Path Indicator

  • ICAO
  • FAA
  • STAC

Not recommended for new projects

A heliport approach slope indicator with a design optimized for various kind of weather and environments that offers easy site adjustment and excellent frangibility without compromising on stability.

The HBA is a system that enables the pilot to have the necessary visual information to place the helicopter on the ideal approach slope, being possible to be used both in day and night conditions.

Main Advantages
• Only one unit per approach path.
• Power supply: 230Vac 50/60 Hz.
• Light intensity controlled by a voltage of 230Vac 50/60Hz.
• Excellent frangibility without sacrifice of any stability.
• Front glass protecting lenses against sand, wind and engine blast.
• Very easy site adjustment by using a clinometer (precision 1 minute).
• Design ensures very good water-tightness and protection against corrosion.
• Easy maintenance: replacement of main elements (lamps, front glass, filters or reflectors) does not require either unit adjustment or any special tools.
• Very easy access to all components by removing the cover.
• Use of dichroic filters with high transmission factor and good thermal resistance.
• The units of a system could be, as an option, fitted with heating resistors for use in cold or wet areas.
• The light shall be automatically switched off when a vertical misalignment or a failure of flashing is detected.

Compliance & Certifications

For compliance, please see data sheet and certification tab below.

Data Sheet: HBA
Spare Parts: HBA

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