IUL-L - LED In-pavement Utility and Heliport Perimeter Light

  • FAA
  • LED
  • In-pavement

The IUL-L LED fixture can be used for gate security, under vehicle inspection illumination, in high security areas to assist detection of bombs and smuggling, in maintenance facilities to spot vehicle damage, and to protect entrances to security areas. The light is also used for a variety of special applications where a balance of vertical and horizontal light output is required. The IUL-L can also be used on heliports with constant voltage sources as boundary marking of final approach and takeoff (FATO) areas, touchdown and lift-off (TLOF) areas, and aprons. It can also be used for taxiway edges and aiming points. Yellow heliport lights are usually used for military and existing civilian applications, while green is for new civilian applications.


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