L-830/L-831 - Series Circuit Isolation Transformers

  • FAA

The Series Isolation Transformer is designed to supply the airport ground lighting from a series circuit. The primary windings of all transformers in a given circuit are connected in a series and supplied from a constant current regulator to ensure the isolation of the low-voltage lamps in the airfield lighting fixtures from the high-voltage series circuit and the continuity of the series circuit in case of lamp failure. This series increases safety for all operating personnel. A quick and easy connection is made possible by use of a factory-molded L-823 plug and receptacles. The Isolation Transformer can be buried directly in the ground or can stay above ground and be exposed to the sun, immersed in water or be exposed to other harsh weather conditions.

Compliance & Certifications

For compliance, please see data sheet and certification tab below.

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Data Sheet: ITX
Data Sheet: ITX-1500
Data Sheet: ITX-A

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