SRGLS - LED Solar Runway Guard Light System

  • FAA
  • ICAO
  • LED
  • Elevated

ADB SAFEGATE’s LED Solar Runway Guard Light System (SRGLS) is an ideal choice for an airfield that requires improved safety measures, but experiences difficulties with grid access. Our SRGLS consists of an elevated unidirectional flashing yellow Solar-powered Runway Guard Light (SRGL) and a Solar Engine Power Supply (SEPS). The SRGLS provides a distinctive warning to pilots that they are approaching a runway holding position and are about to enter an active runway. The SEPS incorporates the latest in solar technology, hardware and software to provide power and control to the SRGL. The SRGLS is typically installed in pairs, one on either side of the taxiway holding position. The SRGLS can also be used in combination with L-852G (In-pavement Runway Guard Light), L-852S (In-pavement Stop Bar Light), and L-862S (Elevated Stop Bar Light) to provide additional safety under low-visibility conditions on the airfield.


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