RELIANCE Intelligent Lighting Platform III - Individual Light Control and Monitoring System

The RELIANCE Intelligent Lighting is ADB SAFEGATE's state-of-the art individual light control and monitoring system that makes ground movements safer and faster while it visually complements the verbal communication between tower and pilots. The RELIANCE Intelligent Lighting is multi-functional, modular and flexible, and can be customized on request depending on airport size, traffic volume, specific conditions or different CAT operating modes. RELIANCE Intelligent Lighting has a number of valuable features to increase your airport's efficiency and capacity that can be divided into the areas of operation, installation and maintenance.

For an airport to be profitable, the challenge is to safely handle as much traffic as possible. A traditional lighting system offers a lot of opportunities for problems and delays – from hot spots, route deviations, acute maintenance measures, to aircraft on hold and massive fuel burn. All this causes high workload for staff, increasing stress reactions and the risk for incidents and accidents.

With RELIANCE Intelligent Lighting you get full control of everything that happens on the airfield, giving the very best conditions for guiding aircraft the safest and fastest way to and from the gate, resulting in increased accessibility and optimal turnaround time.

Installation work is an inevitable part of the everyday activities at an airport. When using traditional systems, the installation can be long and expensive. More cable and more digging are required. Parts of the airport may need to be shut down, and staff will have to work overtime. This will create a significant decrease of airport accessibility, leading to delays, dissatisfied customers, revenue loss and bad will.

RELIANCE Intelligent Lighting is designed to communicate on the existing airfield series circuit power line without requiring separate dedicated cabling. Together with software defined segments this leads to less cable and less digging, leading to quicker and easier installations.

Making maintenance run as smooth as possible is one of the keys to a successful airport, both from a safety and an efficiency point of view. With a traditional lighting system it isn’t possible to differentiate between a critical and non-critical lamp failure. Not knowing which lamps aren’t working requires time-consuming and costly maintenance and leads to delays, increased fuel and CO² burns, and loss of revenue.

With RELIANCE Intelligent Lighting you get a detailed status presentation, pointing out exactly where a problem occurs and distinguishing between critical and non-critical alarms. Together with a range of logging and analysis capabilities this leads to significantly quicker maintenance and better planning with minimal disturbance as a result.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Selective control and monitoring of various airfield lighting devices.
  • Flexible circuit design due to software-based segmentation.
  • Failed-lamp detection and location identification through real-time lamp status.
  • Relevant information concerning the status of connected airfield lighting devices to both airport
    maintenance and air traffic control personnel.
  • Stop bar control and monitoring; taxiway routing support.
  • Elevated and in-pavement Runway Guard Light (RGL) control and monitoring, CAT II/III monitoring
  • Enables Follow the Greens through active visual guidance.
  • Key component of A-SMGCS.
  • Low current operation (option).
  • Remotes with SELV limiter (option).

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