INL-REO - Runway Edge with Circling Guidance, Halogen

Main Advantages

The INL-REO is designed to replace the runway edge elevated fitting on airports which receive the Airbus A380. It supports A380 jet blast, provides a bi-directional HI runway edge light and an omnidirectional MI runway edge light for circling guidance.

  • Low power consumption: 45W for omnidirectional MI light and 2 x 105W for Bi- directional MI light
  • Lamp life greater than 1,000 hours at 6.6A
  • Low projection: 22,5 mm (< 1”)
  • Limited diameter: 304 mm (12")
  • Shallow depth: installation in 150 mm shallow base
  • Excellent photometric performances obtained by the use of reflector lamps.
  • Easy and fast maintenance: limited components
  • Non-sealed prism easy to replace
  • Valve for water-tightness test
  • Many parts common with other lights in the same model range
  • Possibility of separate lighting of HI and MI lights
  • Fitting installation parallel to approach centre line axis
  • Easy handling due to small size and low weight

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