Airport Systems Baggage Management (AS-TRAK)

AS-TRAK improves security and prevents mishandling of bags by positively matching bags to passengers and ensuring baggage has received the required level of screening. Should a passenger fail to board the plane, Airport Systems TRAK enables users to quickly locate and offload the bag thus reducing departure delays and greatly reducing misdirected baggage costs. 

AS-TRAK segregates bags by class, destination and, if applicable, by exception type(s) onward connection(s), flight(s) and carrier(s) etc. Together with the ability to distribute information to downline airports, Airport Systems TRAK segregation capabilities can greatly improve the efficiency of baggage handling at an airline’s key hubs. 

AS-TRAK provides flexible baggage tracking facilities enabling users to establish the last known location of any item of baggage. A full history and audit trail of all baggage operations is retained to monitor process compliance and identify possible training requirements. For short shipped baggage, AS-TRAK supports the reflighting of baggage in line with local security procedures and automatically updates SITA’s WorldTracer.

Key Features

 A comprehensive range of Baggage Reconciliation options in accordance with relevant IATA standards, including Resolution 753

  • Compliance with passenger and bag matching requirements of ICAO Annex 17 and other relevant international and regional security and customs regulations
  • Flexible baggage segregation supporting multitude of loading strategies, enabling efficient management of baggage handling by airlines and ground handlers.
  • Support for mobile scanning devices including smartphones, as well as ruggedized barcode scanners.
  • Configurable real time tracking and monitoring of departure and arrival bags during check-in, sortation, transfer, loading, positioning, miss-handled and unloading.
  • WorldTracer integrated reflighting capability for missed bags including the generation of relevant messages
  • Simple intuitive multilingual web-based user interface that requires minimal training and support
  • Proactive transfer baggage handling workflow using dynamic Minimum Connection Time indicators to ensure bags make their connections
  • Intuitive and clear advance notification of offload alerts in real-time to advanced notice of “problem bags” such as duplicates, inactive or standby items
  • Comprehensive range of reports can be emailed automatically as an event driven or a scheduled activity.
  • Facilitates the real-time interrogation of baggage information in AS-TRAK by external user applications and transferring of data into customer’s own data repository
  • A complete history and audit trail of transactions, including the tracking of the physical location of a Scanning Device
  • Latest disruption management capabilities, including options to continue reconciling bags in areas with weak or no Wi-Fi/cellular coverage or during a Departure Control System (DCS) or other type of Messaging Distribution System (MDS) outage.
  • Interface to Flight Information Display Systems and other Airport applications to facilitate real-time updates of information to facilitate integrated airport operational and ground handling solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Productivity gains with real-time updates via an intuitive user interface
  • Enhances passenger experience and improves security
  • Flexible deployment in supporting single or multiple airport clusters with choices in Enterprise Hosted and Managed Services options
  • Reduced risk of mishandled bags with streamlined baggage management and tracking workflow
  • Enhanced operational flexibility including mobile phone Camera Scanning when there is no optical reader support available
  • Avoid delays caused by network disruptions, business continuity options supporting uninterrupted bag scanning and loading during outage of other systems
  • Save running costs by reflighting missed bags quickly and efficiently
  • Turnaround flights faster and Boost On-Time Performance by continuing uninterrupted in Offline Mode in, areas with poor connectivity or Wi-Fi/cellular coverage
  • Conformance and streamlined operations with regulatory and industry standard compliance


Product Release: AS-TRAK

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