Airport Systems Billing & Charge Calculator (AS-BILLING)

As the competition to attract and retain airline business
 intensifies, your airport’s ability to foster an amicable business relationship with key partners becomes increasingly important. Reducing the incidence of disputed financial transactions, through efficient, timely, accurate billing, is a key to building and maintaining this relationship. The ability to manage charging-procedures, and to ensure that corresponding models can be evolved quickly and with minimum negative impact, is essential to sustaining your airport’s growth and profitability. 

Solution Overview   

Designed especially for the aviation industry, Airport Systems Billing is ADB SAFEGATE’s full Airport Aeronautical Charges Calculation Engine and revenue invoicing platform. It calculates the financial value of the aeronautical services provided by your airport to customers such as commercial airlines, general aviation, private airlines and military flights.  

The solution contains all the tariffs and charge codes necessary for punctual and accurate billing, enables reduction of client invoice dispute rates and improves cash position. Airport Systems Billing provides the interface between airport operational data and the financial ERP suite.  



  • Punctual and accurate billing capabilities
    • Airport System Billing enables your airport to set up all the detailed fees necessary, to ensure you are accurately and correctly charging your customers for the services they have used. The setup of these airport specific, detailed rules is something the large commercial billing engines typically find difficult. 
  • Users can choose from a range of charge calculation options  
    • Periodic Billing features a set of billing rules configured in the application as per your airport’s requirement  
    • Desk Invoicing provides immediate billing for private flights, charters with immediate production of invoice 
  • Manual Invoicing allows you to bill any extra service not responding to a defined billing rule. 



Based around a fully configurable business rules workflow engine, Airport Systems Billing aimto: 

  • Improve your airportcharging accuracy 
  • Improve cash position 
  • Reduce client invoice dispute rates 
  • Sustain business relationships, growth and profitability 



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