Airport Systems Integration Broker (AS-IB)

An integrated airport environment 
is a win-win for all stakeholders- it improves airport performance, enhancing efficiency and resource utilization, and improving runway usage and capacity.  

For airlines, integration translates to more accurate takeoff and departure times, improved situational awareness, lower fuel costs and emissions, greater safety, better asset utilization and reduced taxi times. Ground handlers can plan and deploy their resources more efficiently and keep costs low to maximize profit. All this results in a smoother passenger experience - lesser queue times, fewer delays, seamless transition and transfer through the airport, and real-time information on changes and variations.  

Airport Systems Integration Broker is designed to simplify airport system integration and is central to the operations at many leading airports around the world.  

Solution Overview 

Based on leading Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) technology, Airport Systems IB is as an 'Out of the Box' solution with 'One Click' seamless integrated deploymentScalable and flexible, it can easily integrate with other airport systems, support legacy systems and operate in a multi terminal environment. 

Designed to satisfy the diverse requirements of airport system integration, the Airport Systems IB platform supports:  

  • Integration of existing systems allowing for e.g. an existing AODB to be retained unchanged, while new systems are installed using new interface technology   
  • SOA interfaces and simplifies the integration of both new application systems  

Airports with significant commitment to existing systems can plan a migration path to introduce new systems.  Combined with ADB SAFEGATE’s standard integration services, the platform minimizes the complexities associated with system integration, turning integration into a standardized set of configurations. At the same time, airports can enjoy a high degree of independence in the system integration process - for e.g. configure a new system interface, using local governance capabilities.   


Normally delivered as part of an overall airport system integration project, the solution comprises the following features: 

  • Fully configured system comprising the following components: 
    • Industry-leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)  
    • Standard airport integration services 
    • Facilities for service configuration and management  
  • A suite of standard integration services, to interface to the airport’s data and service providers 
  • High availability design with automated recovery: 
    • Designed to provide the high level of availability needed by the hub of a major airport, the solution is highly reliable and is typically configured for dual servers to support the full airport throughput in the event of failure 
    • The system continuously monitors the status of both internal services and servers. When a failure is detected, the system automatically reconfigures onto the surviving server and restarts processes, so that operation can continue without message loss or the need for immediate operator intervention 
  • Governance features to satisfy typical airport requirements  
    • Configuration Utility allowing the user to reconfigure an existing interface or addition of a new client interface to an existing integration service 
    • Business activity monitoring features including Control and Monitoring, Interface view monitoring, Message Tracking and Logging, Message statistics  
  • Web-based console for day-to-day system management and control 
  • Support for external monitoring (e.g. by HP OpenView or Tivoli) 
  • Support of a choice of system interfaces including: 
    • Web Services 
    • SOAP  
    • Java Messaging Service (JMS) 
  • Increased level of security, now commonly required at airports including: 
    • Authentication and authorization of users and client systems  
    • Setting up access control level  
    • Maintenance of data privacy and secure connections (HTTPS and SSL) 
    • Prevention of unauthorized access   
  • Full supporting documentation including:  
    • XML coding guidelines  
    • Integration Service definitions 
    • Standard XML schemas for all integration services 
    • WSDLs for each service 
    • Client system interface – developers guidelines 
    • Sample client code 
    • JMS API definition and code stub, where applicable  
  • Development / Testing facilities including: 
    • Support for existing test features including internet access over VPN to Manchester test lab 
    • Full Project Services including:  
    • Integration consultancy for requirements capture  
    • Installation, commissioning and acceptance testing of the delivered product and its interfaces with each of the airport systems 
    • Support at cutover and during its operational life 
  • Training courses covering the following:  
    • System control, monitoring and logging etc.  
    • Configuration to add a new interface  
    • Option for detailed training on the ESB platform                                                                      


  • Systems integration simplified: Airport Systems IB lowerintegration costs and risks by reducing the complexities associated with integration 
  • Flexibility of SOA design: Your airport can plug-in and change systems using SOA services designed for integration of systems from many airport IT suppliers 
  • Scalable for future needs: Proven ability to grow with the airport, to operate in a multi-terminal environment and to deliver full enterprise-wide integration 
  • Designed especially for airports: An airport product based on industry standards, including the latest IATA AIDX flight schema 
  • Lower Cost for Support: Single point of contact for support and maintenance of all operational systems and systems integration 
  • Shared Experience: Access to a wide community of airports that use our standardized SOA services for systems integration

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