F2.1 and F22 - Omnidirectional Elevated Obstruction Light

  • ICAO
  • Non-LED
  • Elevated

Discontinued Product


A low-intensity, multi-functional omnidirectional light that can be used separately (F2.1) or two in pair (F22). Its simple reliable design with low power consumption makes it perfect for a various number of applications.

Obstruction lighting is intended to reduce the hazards to aircraft by indicating the presence of obstructions.

Fixed or mobile objects on super structures should be marked when they are in certain positions which might cause a collision risk near airports or heliports that can be used at night.

Apart from the areas around an airport, it may be necessary to mark very high obstacles protruding into aircraft or helicopter traffic zones, such as radio antenna, chimney stacks or high voltage lines.

Main Advantages
• Low cost
• Low power consumption: only 55 Watts
• Power Supply: 230 Vac 50 / 60 Hz
• Lamp life greater than 8,000 hours (16,000 for the two lamps/F22)
• High speed lamp replacement by unscrewing the glass dome
• Simple but sturdy design
• Easy Installation and Maintenance
• For F22:
- Power Supply: A version of the F22 for supply in + 48 Vdc is available
- Security of the obstruction due to the 2nd safety lamp (automatic switching)
- Main Lamp “out” back indication is possible, feed back of the voltage (230 Vac) present on the Safety Lamp

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Data Sheet: F2.1 and F22
Spare Parts: F2.1 and F22

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