DIFLIS - Electronic Flight Strip System

Handle and Exchange Flight Progress Information

DIFLIS – as a part of ADB SAFEGATE Tower ATM package – is a fully digital representation of flight strips on a computer touch-pen display. It combines the well-established benefits of a paper strip system with the possibilities offered by electronic data handling. In addition, DIFLIS provides ATCOs with a work flow-based support logic that dramatically reduces the time necessary to handle data input and strip handling. DIFLIS collects all valuable information and provides statistics that are used for constant improvements in tower operations.

Key Features

  • Important tool for planning and controlling ground and air traffic contol
  • Optimal presentation of relevant information
  • Open and modular architecture
  • Highly configurable HMI
  • Highly configurable work flow
  • Standard work flow steps performed with a single click
  • Accepts flight plan data from FDPS via FDE, AFTN/AMHS, OLDI/AIDC
  • Updates flight plans in the FDPS
  • Interface to airport information system (for example stand information)
  • Controller working positions (CWPs) can be arbitrarily opened and closed
  • Flexible, dynamic assignment of CWP roles
  • Intuitive creation of flight strips for all kinds of flights or vehicles (for example free-callers)
  • Can be interfaced to A-SMGCS and DCL systems
  • Can be interfaced to arrival/departure management systems (for example OPTAMOS)
  • Recording and replay


  • Sharing and provision of data with other systems or partners are easily possible
  • Silent coordination between ATCOs reduces R/T frequency
  • Electronic clearance input for A-SMGCS safety nets, routing and guidance, departure manager
  • Key enabler for A-CDM
Brochure: DIFLIS Electronic Flight Strip System

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