Portable Light, Holland Aviation

This battery powered, rechargeable light is equipped with a mode switch for manual or remote control operation. It is available as a single unit or as a kit of five to 18 lights with complete charger stations or as a trailer kit with 72 lights to provide lighting for a complete runway. Easy to use, the PL5 only needs to be placed on its initial position and switched on or in the radio mode. When empty, the light needs to be replaced and put into the trailer kit for recharge. Air-to-ground remote control available through a separate controller, and as an add-on feature. It is achieved when the pilot presses his transmit button to send an encrypted signal to the PL5 lights. For ground-to-ground remote control is easily achieved with a hand-held transmitter, by mobile phone or tablet. Features • Color impregnated, impact resistant, glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) enclosure• External hardware is corrosion-resistant/ made of stainlesssteel and anodized marine grade aluminum• Light source: 5 watt LED, emitting in a 360º in Azimuth• Light intensity: >50 candela , can be specified by the customer and usually three different modes for the desired glass color• Borosilicate lenses available in: Red, Blue, Green, Clear, Yellow, or Split Colour• Lenses are interchangeable when different colour is needed,and the lens lock ring can be opened in order to change the lens• Handlebar for easy lifting• Power Indicator with three-color mode allows easy check for battery status• Three-mode button with ON for manual operation, TEST for testing/ radio control operation and OFF for switching the light off>• Power supply: One maintenance-free 12 Volt 12 or 14 Ah SLAB, which gives more than 100 hours (downgraded intensity) of continuous operation before recharging is required• Standard 65* hours in ICAO mode, 150 hours in FAA mode and 125 hours in flashing mode (dependable of ambient temperature, battery lifetime, intensity setting etc.)• Tests: jet blast >400 km/h (>250 mph), impact, battery endurance, light output, climatic conditions, electromagnetic compatibility, drop tests at 0.7-1.0 and 2.0 meter height and radio frequency *White LED, Measured with optional 14 Ah SLAB


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