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Challenges for airports and airlines

The practical organization that is needed to successfully guide an aircraft from arrival to departure is complex. With coordinated systems at the gate, in the tower and on the airfield, it is possible to make this procedure run smoothly. However, these systems need to be carefully planned and designed before being implemented. Once in place, they also need regular maintenance and occasional repairs. There are two major challenges: first, the design of the systems must fit the needs of that particular airport or airline. Without proper planning the systems will not fulfill their task and it will be difficult to keep control of cost, the amount of people needed and what to expect. Once the systems have been implemented, the next challenge is to maintain the products without major interruptions in air traffic. Without preventive maintenance, the lifecycle expectancy of the systems might be significantly shortened, and if there is a need for a repair, it is crucial that the downtime is kept to a minimum. Some airports and airlines have their own service teams, but that is often both expensive and ineffective, since they only serve one airport.

Lack of service and maintenance can cause:

  • Shortened life expectancy for the equipment

  • Prolonged downtime due to repairs and replacement of spare parts

  • Unnecessary delays

  • Increased cost


Services and maintenance to support your systems

Preparation and installation

ADB SAFEGATE has a steadily growing and innovative services portfolio and its services start long before the installation of any products or systems. The base for all projects is a preparation phase, in which all the calculations and assessments are carried out in cooperation with the customer. With a tailor-made design that includes all details, the customer has everything under control: cost, required number of staff and equipment needed for the installation. When all the calculations have been finished, the selected products and systems can be installed swiftly and easily.


ADB SAFEGATE has a holistic approach to Services & Maintenance. The preparation and installation phases are followed by the maintenance phase, where the staff involved receives training, and preventive maintenance is carried out. Regular service of the products ensures that the systems are online and offering maximum availability to the runways and taxi ways at all times. Systems from ADB SAFEGATE are set up in such a way that maintenance and service can be carried out while these systems are still running, allowing for substantially decreased downtime.

Our solutions will help you:

  • Enjoy properly designed projects

  • Remove bottlenecks without accidently adding another

  • Ensure maximum availability to runways and taxiways

  • Minimize interruptions

  • Maintain products so that they can be used through their lifetime

Prepare your airport and maintain it for the future

If it is your ambition to expand to meet tomorrow’s traffic demands in a safe, efficient and sustainable way, it is time to act today.


With systems that are running smoothly, it is possible to increase capacity and speed up turnaround times without compromising safety. Properly designed systems with regular maintenance decrease the need for repairs and downtime and increase both efficiency and safety.


ADB SAFEGATE has a unique offer with its in-house product manufacturing and system design. Since all service teams from ADB SAFEGATE have in-depth knowledge of the products and installations, services and maintenance can be carried out swiftly, minimizing downtime and unnecessary interruptions in air traffic. It is also cost-efficient, since one team can service many other airports and is only used when necessary.


Properly installed, the products can be used to their full potential. A bad installation might deteriorate the product, leading to increased costs down the road. With ADB SAFEGATE’s services and maintenance offer, it is possible to lower the total cost of ownership. Using the equipment through its life expectancy means less waste and a more sustainable solution over time.

Design for the future

With a thorough analysis of the needs of the airport or airline in question, it is possible to design a system that is well suited for today’s needs, but also prepared for future expansion. ADB SAFEGATE operates in more than 175 countries, serving more than 2,000 airports worldwide, including larger hub airports, such as Heathrow, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Changi, Charles De Gaulle, Dubai, Munich and Atlanta. Our service teams have the knowledge and experience to design a system that allows for cost-control from the beginning of the project and beyond.


“The goal of the ADB Safegate team is to ensure that our customers are getting the maximum out value from our products. Our highly skilled team accomplishes this through Inspections, Service Level Agreements, Maintenance Agreements, and making sure our service desk is available 24/7/365.”

Nick Haines VP, Aftermarket Sales & Service, ADB SAFEGATE