Maintenance as a Service (MaaS)

Maintenance as a Service (MaaS) supplements your technical workforce with the OEM’s highly trained and properly skilled professionals. All needed services are delivered according to an individually adjusted maintenance program that may be expanded even further with an SLA component. This flexible and fully scalable solution is affordable for airports of all sizes and ensures continuity of airside operations.

  • Remote or local presence
  • Shared resources at the regional level if a cluster deployment is used
  • Airfield / indoor / auxiliary equipment
  • ALIS maintenance tool
  • Reporting
  • Ensures compliance and system performance

In this end-result contract, ADB SAFEGATE is responsible for the serviceability of visual navigation aids including related systems and for consequential continuity of airside operation. The parties agree on precise responsibilities such as the scope of the equipment to be maintained, specific conditions, metrics and targets and complementary services.

Example of MaaS:  Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam the Hauge Airport - Maintenance as a Service Example (MaaS)


  • Part of the Benelux Cluster for AGL support maintenance services
  • Schipol, Brussels, Rotterdam, Liege airports


  • Two-year contract for ALCMS and AGL indrastructure maintenance
  • 1 200 assets, LI by ADB SAFEGATE´s partner
  • SLAand L2/3 from Brussels & Amsterdam Centers, 24x7, preventive maintenance, trobleshooting and emergency repairs
  • ALIS deployment for maintenance monitoring and control - customer´s ownership


  • Maintenance control and reporting 2on a click"
  • Ensure compliance
  • Reduced downtime