Boost airport performance with our service expertise

Our full range of technology-based support and maintenance services are delivered by an experienced geographically distributed team, making our services reliable and cost-effective. More than 100 leading airports around the world leverage our expertise through service level agreements (SLAs).

Four standard service plans

Gain access to skilled and flexible support teams, optimized maintenance programs, new technology and best practices with our standard service plans. You can “pay as you go” or choose any of our three paid plans for faster reaction times, a wider range of included services and preferential rates for optional services. The pricing depends on the scope of supported equipment, chosen service plan and scheduled optional services.

  • Standard SLAs with a range of optional services designed to fit every budget and provide on-time support
  • Analytical services and network operations center (NOC) to anticipate and respond to potential issues
  • Flexibility to design service agreements to suit an airport’s specifications

Custom plans fit for your airport

Our custom service agreements are designed to suit your airport’s specifications. We work with your team to understand your priorities and challenges and offer operations and maintenance or full facility management services.

  • Maintenance as a Service (MaaS) supplements your technical workforce with OEM’s highly trained and properly skilled professionals. All needed services are delivered according to an individually adjusted maintenance program that may be expanded even further with an SLA component. This flexible and fully scalable solution is affordable for airports of all sizes and ensures continuity of airside operations.
  • Facility management (FM) ensures the full functionality of your airside, relying on our multi-disciplinary team via SLAs, operations and maintenance, planning, and a host of services.
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