Select our standalone service on demand

Service on Demand allows the operator the flexibility and reassurance that comes with planning maintenance with a fixed cost and recommendations/requirements as a result, ensuring compliance standards are maintained.

ADB SAFEGATE have vast experience and knowledge in maintaining assets at their optimum potential and benefit from being one of the largest manufacturers of airfield navigational aids. All maintenance performed on the equipment is in line with OEM specifications utilizing the same technology as used in manufacture to give the highest possible performance and longest asset life.

With access to our complete asset library, we are able to offer unrivalled asset specific maintenance on the complete portfolio of ADB SAFEGATE products as well as third-party assets.

Services provided

We can provide a range of services as a one-off request; these include but are not limited to:

  • Fault Diagnosis and Rectification
  • Preventive maintenance for your assets
  • Optimized maintenance recommendations
  • Photometric Testing
  • A-VDGS programming and calibration
  • Asset inspection and condition reporting
  • Comprehensive audit and compliance check for AGL system
  • Maintenance training and maintenance refresher training
  • Gate incident related log file analysis (A-VDGS)
  • New aircraft profiles for A-VDGS
  • Minor changes to system configuration