Raising safety and throughput with smarter ATC systems



Is your tower used to its full potential?

Challenges in the tower

According to the Flight Safety Foundation, 85% of accidents are caused by human mistakes and most of them could be avoided through more automated and integrated systems. Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) at busy airports around the world still rely on outdated manual or semi-automated systems, having to keep multiple computer screens of information under constant observation.

The day-to-day operations faced by ATCOs are challenging, and the situation is getting increasingly complicated. The rise in traffic volumes puts a high workload on the controller who needs to maintain situational awareness and avoid mistaken identity and other safety critical situations. Operating under poor weather conditions may require reducing capacity, especially if technical infrastructure is not up to date. To maintain capacity and guarantee a smooth turnaround process, coordination between individual stakeholders needs to be improved. ADB SAFEGATE solutions play a critical role in the Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) process and help reduce delays and unnecessary CO2 emissions. 

A lack of automated systems can lead to accidents, delays and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

  • Lack of situational awareness

  • Increased workload for ATCO

  • Traffic overload 

  • Lack of coordination/integration

  • Inconsistent data representation caused by different vendors

An integrated tower for increased predictability

Increasing predictability

The integrated system puts together all relevant information that the controller needs to make the correct decision and manage traffic flow. By harmonizing the operational process, the system takes on non-critical tasks to reduce the controller workload and improve safety. For congested airports, this frees up unused capacity where traffic expansion might otherwise not have been possible. With ADB SAFEGATE’s  integrated tower solution, it is possible to draw the full benefits from A-CDM. With easy access to all necessary data, there is greater predictability and flexibility, allowing for increased throughput. The airport is used to its full potential through improved real-time information sharing between airlines, ground handlers and ATCOs. 

Combine the correct information

Airport systems should serve the airport as a whole and integrate the different areas. Systems from ADB SAFEGATE can be combined with other solutions installed in the tower,allowing for one integrated system. Instead of tracking many separate systems, the functions are integrated in a single display surface. Tracking of surface movements, electronic flight strips, integrated information systems and departure management allow for efficient streamlining of aircraft movements on the ground, from touchdown to departure. Digital clearance ensures correct communication between ATCO and pilots. In combination with automatic routing and visual airfield lighting guidance for pilots and vehicle drivers, this increases the safety level. 

Our automated solutions will help you:

  • Ensure safety from touchdown to gate and back into the air

  • Handle traffic safely in all kinds of weather

  • Allow for better flow of traffic during busy hours

  • Keep track of flight progress

  • Allow for effective planning

Let the tower stay in control with our proven concept

With our tower solutions you can maximize the level of safety and efficiency at your airport, while acknowledging environmental concerns. 


By integrating multiple systems and enabling a complete awareness of ground and air traffic, the level of safety can be increased considerably.


With streamlined movements and integration of vital ground and air traffic control, taxi times can be reduced and interruptions avoided. By automatically providing the optimum route in the prevailing traffic situation, the system helps optimize runway and taxiway operations in all kinds of visibility. 


With more systemized aircraft movements, the impact on the environment can be radically decreased. Fewer aircraft waiting in line for a gate or departure slot reduce aircraft fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

Prepare the tower for future opportunities

If it is your ambition to expand to meet tomorrow’s traffic demands in a safe, efficient and sustainable way, it is time to act today. Our knowledge is based on installations in more than 260 towers. ADB SAFEGATE has a portfolio that enables a fully integrated tower, i.e. one solution that includes A-SMGCS, E-STRIPS, INFO System, DMAN, radar systems, AGL, system integration, consulting and third-party systems.