Airfield. Our Field.

Airfield - What we do
Airfield - What we do

Our automated solutions will help you:

  • Maximize safety from approach to departure

  • Increase throughput by maximizing operational reliability

  • Handle traffic safely in all kinds of weather

  • Reduce maintenance time by more efficient replacing of specific lights

Successful airports do not compromise when it comes to keeping their airfields up and running safely while tackling new airside challenges. ADB SAFEGATE’s intelligent lighting and advanced control systems are the foundation for safe, dependable and sustainable airfield operations under any circumstances.

From concept and design to maintenance services, the airfield is our field. We’re listening to our customers and innovating to resolve their challenges with future-proof Airfield 4.0 solutions that deliver unrivalled value.

Airfield 4,0

Count on ADB SAFEGATE to keep the world’s airfields safe, efficient and available, at lower operating costsOur Airfield 4.0 roadmap focuses on the digitalization and interconnectivity of hardware and systems to bring information to stakeholders in a usable and portable way. By developing intelligent devices with added data gathering capabilities, and increasing the bandwidth for two-way communication, we’re bringing data-driven, collaborative decision-making to life.

Airfield 4.0


Automated lighting system

ADB SAFEGATE offers a complete AGL portfolio, allowing for an upgrade to the latest intelligent technology and integration of the lighting system within the existing infrastructure. We can offer modular solutions, allowing for future expansion and full integration with easy maintenance. With a holistic approach to the airfield lighting systems, it is possible to decrease runway incursions, increase throughput and minimize maintenance downtime. With more efficient and flexible flow of aircraft, the carbon footprint of the airport is decreased.

In combination with our newest Individual Light Control and Monitoring System (ILCMS), LINC 360, our AGL system can greatly improve taxiing procedures. With ILCMS, every individual light on the airfield can be checked and quick maintenance can be carried out if necessary.