Faster and safer turnarounds

About gate
About gate

Our automated solutions will help you:

  • Ensure safety at the gate through shared real-time intelligence

  • Improve on-time performance

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Increase predictability for more effective planning

  • Stay operational in all weather conditions

ADB SAFEGATE applies the latest surveillance and automation technology to manage today’s complex challenges on the apron. Adaptable and resilient gate systems, with flexible business models, enable operational elasticity to help airports and airlines quickly and easily scale up or down to meet changing demand. 

Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) ensure safe and precise aircraft stops every time, even in poor visibility. Integration and clear information displays keep all personnel informed to help deliver on-time departures.

The ADB SAFEGATE autonomous Digital Apron builds on integrating processes and systems to improve decision making. Our web-based SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) software is the integrator of apron systems to provide situational awareness to all stakeholders involved in the aircraft turn, no matter if you are located in a control center, in a tower or on the ground. All operationally important data is collected in one view and presented in an understandable way, remotely or via a mobile device, allowing users to respond quickly when overseeing the operations.

All of which equals faster, safer and more predictable turnarounds that boost the customer experience.